Thursday, July 29, 2010

Love Potion # 9

Went to see the gypsy with the gold cap tooth told her i haven't had any luck with women since 1956, she read my palm and then fixed something in the sink, that smelled like turpentine and looked like indian ink, so I held my nose and closed my eyes and took a drink...... So it goes in the old song.
 But you'd be surprized just how many people would try something even though it might be bad for them health wise , they would still try the easy way out. the " magical " potion that will bring love into their life.
 seems like no one wants to work for them selves anymore, they are just looking for the "free ride".
 If you gave a man a fish, you would have fed him for a day, but if you taught the man to fish you would have fed him for a life time. Meaning you still have to work even though things are given to you.
 What is your testimony???
 What has God given you???
 What have you given GOD???
 Your testimony is dead if you don't tell it to people, How will they understand how God worked in your life???
"Faith with out works is dead", don't get me wrong , you can't do "good works" and expect to go to Heaven. it doesn't work that way. the day you die you won't be able to say " but Lord  look at all the good deeds that I've done in my life time". Sorry but that won't get you into Heaven.
 Jesus, said" No One come to the Father but through Me".
 You MUST be " born again" this means that you have to Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart, and ask Him to come into your heart and live in you.
 Yes, it is that easy, But He does want you to go out and "work" by telling others about Him.

Living the "Christian Life" might sound boring , but let me  assure you that way of thinking is false. Living with Christ in your life is so wonderful, things feel at peace, and you are Never left alone, He will always be with you.
 So many people say that they are "Christians" but they don't live the Life. they tell people that they go to church, and/or that they work in the church,  or play an instrument or sing in the choir. but just as soon as church is over they go right back living like the world. Some saying " the Lord will understand"  Understand what?? that you are giving false witness to others . BEWARE of the false Witness, try to show the world just how the Bible tells us to live.(it's hard). but well worth the work.
 Beware of the false profit that say's all you need is a "potion or something" to get into heaven.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Am I my Brother's Keeper??

 Yesterday a situation arose, there was a very bad storm heading our way, and my girl friend went to warn another friend that he should come in before it gets here. the wind was getting stronger and the skies were getting darker, the news was calling for strong winds 70+ miles /hr. heavy rain and hail. our friend was out walking, when she got to him she said to get in the car and she would bring him to shelter, but he refused and this made her a little mad, after all she could have been doing other things to get ready for this storm but instead she was trying to save a friend.
 When she came back she said that he thought that it was exciting that the weather was changing and that he was going to stay where he was.
 After a while she calmed down, I tried explaining to he that we can't tell people what we think is best for them, maybe he was prepared for the storm. but even if he wasn't we can't save everyone. sometimes we can't save anyone.
We all have to make our own choices in life, the Lord gave that to us.
the answer to the question is : No, I am not anyone's keeper, I can't choose how someone will live their life I can show concern , and maybe ad a comment or two. but the final word would be that of their own.
don't stop showing them that you care for them, just don't take it personally if they choose a different way than yours.
Sometimes we all need to get a little wet to wake us up, and sometimes a knock on the head by a hail stone might be what we need, and then there are times when we need to get struck by lightning because we aren't paying attention To GOD, either of the ways or maybe all, we know that our Lord will watch out for His Children. He will be there to protect us or to lead us home.                                                                            .

Are you ready for the storms in your life?                                                                                                      
 Do you have a hold of the Lords hand? 
Do you know where you will spend eternity, when you die?
Do you want to know more about Jesus?

Contact me, if I can be any help to you.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Here's Your Sign...

                                           (0 0) 
|  *********************************** | 
|               JESUS    LOVES     YOU                        | 
| *********************************** | 
                             |   | |   | 
                                          ||   ||    
  ____________oooO  Oooo___________

Monday, July 19, 2010

When I have the time GOD, just not now...

BE CAREFUL in what you say you'll do. coming home from work this morning 2am, I was enjoying the night air riding with the windows down talking with GOD, saying that I need more alone time with him,( thinking that when I get home). I travel the same road everyday to and from work, but today I felt as if the Lord was telling me to take another way home. a nice quiet back road where you can smell the wild flowers while driving and hear the wild life echo as you pass. WOW, thank you Lord this is great. then it happened just as I passed the darkest part of the road out in the middle of nowhere. the car just stopped running, I just came from the gas station the tank is full, why is it stopping?
 I just let it coast as far as it could hoping that I could get somewhere where there was light, praying that it would restart for me , but no luck. I could see a light in the distance and the road seemed pretty flat, so I got out and started pushing, all seemed good, that was until there must have been a slight incline because this car was getting harder to push. as the road where the light is was getting closer the road must have been getting higher. there was no shoulder on this road, so I couldn't just leave it. the car came to a stop again and I was wore out. I said a little prayer that the Lord would give me the strength that I needed to push this 85 Lincoln Towncar  up off the road, it was tough but the strength came, not an over powering strength but a steady paced stride. as I made it to the light I was able to get off the road enough that if someone came around the corner too fast , I would be out of harms way. by this time it was after 3am, I was able to get a hold of my insurance company and they had called a roll back. now I'm sitting there alone in the dark under a dimly lit light waiting. so now that I was waiting I asked the question that you might be thinking, Lord why did you bring me out on this back road , if you knew that I was going to break down?
His answer came so quickly, that I should have known what was going on from the get go.
 I had asked for more time to spend with Him, and He knew that if I was going to wait for when I had the extra time that it may never had come. so instead He gave the extra time to me, with this break down.
 while I was waiting we talked, and I praised and thanked Him for granting me the physical strength when I needed it, and for keeping me safe, and keeping me company in the darkest of night.
 Don't be careful in what you might ask for from the Lord because He will give you just what you need , and not anymore than what you can handle. when times look and feel tough that's the times He wants you to call on Him, and He WILL be there.
  if you don't know Jesus, and would like to know Him personally, feel free to drop me a line and I will come to you.
                                           Tom Short