Saturday, July 30, 2011

True Confession

I'm falling for a married woman,
  Everyday that I see her I fall a little more.
  Her beauty is unchanging,
  Her voice has a comforting tone,
  Her touch is sheer pleasure,
  Yes, I'm in Love with a married woman,
  And the married woman is my wife.

  I Love You Deb.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Text to Deb, when things looked impossible:

Doesn't matter how heavy things get, the Lord tells us to give Him our burdens, and He gives us His spirit,(which is lighter than air). Keep moving forward, for the goal is in sight.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

What goes through the Minds of the Little Ones

 The little ones must think that life is fun, because they mostly play and sleep. When they do wrong or if they play too rough they get a stern talking too.But other wise, life is good. They couldn't survive without the help and guidance of the big ones. They love the big ones, and the big ones love them.
 The little ones can't figure out why the big ones can do the most amazing things and why they cannot. But they don't dwell on it because there is more time to play.
 The little ones day consists of waking up, eating, playing, sleeping, playing, sleeping etc...
The little ones love depending on the big ones, and the big ones love loving the little ones.
 In the little ones eyes they see the big ones do the most amazing things by walking through the barriers that confines the little ones from exploring new places, but the big ones know that if it wasn't for these barriers that the little ones could be hurt or even lost.
 The little ones can't walk through these barriers but they can see through some of them. The don't understand why that even though they can see outside of these barriers that whoever is out there might not see the little ones. And when the little ones try calling to them that they can't hear them. So why is it that when the big ones open a barrier and they walk through there might be another barrier that the little ones can see through and if they try calling out to others then they can hear them. And then the big ones come and try to quite the little ones.
 Why is it that sometimes when the big ones walk through the barriers by themselves or with other big ones they sometimes don't come back for a really long time?
 Today, the little ones walked out of the barriers with the big ones, they were wanting to run and play, but the big ones had them stay close. The little ones watched as one of the big ones got into a box and the box then closed all around the big one. But just in a matter of a minute or less the big one that was outside of the box was able to stick his head through the box and then the little ones could see and hear the other big one. And even though the little ones couldn't touch the big one in the box they were content with just hearing her voice.
 The big one leaned back into the box again and the little ones heard a phrase that they hear all the time "I Love You".
 Then the big one pulled his head back out of the box, and the box started to move away from the little ones. The little ones started to cry, they all just stood there watching as the box disappeared. The little ones tried to find the box but the other big one held them close and told them that she would be home soon. Then the little ones played for a short time in the hot air before the big one brought them back into the cool barriers that keep them safe from harm. Now it's nap time again. Then they will play, eat, and sleep. Then when it's time for the big ones to return the little ones greet them as if they haven't seen them for years, they hug and kiss the big ones and show them that even though the little ones were busy all during the day, they were just passing the time until they get to see the big ones again.

Big Ones - Buzz and Deb,
 Little Ones - Sarah, Sadie and Troubles.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kiss- "Destroyer" Album 1976 - Beth

For those of you that know this song, go ahead and read it to the tune.


Beth, I hear you callin'
But I can't come home right now
Me and the boys are playin'
And we just can't find the sound

Just a few more hours
And I'll be right home to you
I think I hear them callin'
Oh, Beth what can I do
Beth what can I do

You say you feel so empty
That our house just ain't a home
And I'm always somewhere else
And you're always there alone

Just a few more hours
And I'll be right home to you
I think I hear them callin'
Oh, Beth what can I do
Beth what can I do

Beth, I know you're lonely
And I hope you'll be alright
'Cause me and the boys will be playin'
All night

 This is one song in my own opinion that stands out from what this band normally sings. Not really, the music is slower and the words seem easy to listen to. but if they put a lot of thrashing guitars and fast thumping drums and yelled the lyrics, it would sound just like the other "head banging music".
This a Love ballot? The name of the Album is "Destroyer".
 I grew up on "Heavy Metal" and I really like this song as well as other "Ballots" from other Metal Bands.
 I'm just looking at them from a different view now.
 Again this is just my opinion, you take it your own way.
  The song starts out with two people that are in love, but not necessary with each other.
 She seems to want him to spend more time with her, and he act's like he wants too, but when it all comes down to what is important to him, he lets others decide for him. so is he weak? or does he just say what she wants to hear?
and in the end, it doesn't matter what he tells her with words, because his actions tells the truth.
 I would never put anything or person above my love. I made a promise to her when we got married, that she is the "first" in my life,but second only to the LORD. which means my Lord comes first and she is above anything and everything else. When she calls me, I'm there. The "boys" won't pull me away.