Sunday, October 30, 2011


 Today I awoke feeling good, Knowing that my wife loves me for who I am and not for what I have,
  I love her. 
 Today I awoke feeling good knowing that My Lord loves me for who I am and not what I have done,
  I love Him.
 Today I awoke feeling good knowing that my family loves me for who I am and not because they have too,
  I love them all.
 Today I awoke feeling good knowing that I have friends that care for me, because I care about them.
 And yet today when I awoke,not knowing what would happen to me today, I let "things" consume me,
   Things that I know is not of God, But yet I still believed in the "lie's".
     All the aches and pains that my mind are telling me are there, which they are but they Will not ruin my life.
    Then why do I believe them when they come around.
 Today when I awoke I was planning on going to church, I even invited a friend too come.
   Not really knowing if he'd show up.
   But knowing that I need to be there anyway. But instead I stayed home thinking that my back was really hurting.
 Today I awoke knowing that people all around me are hurting because they don't know "JESUS",
   but yet I ignore their cries.
 Today when I awoke, I considered only myself, and no one else.
 Today I feel like a loser, I've let everyone down even if they don't know it .
 Today I let myself down, and I'm feeling it.
 Today I let my wife down, even though she won't show it, I'll know it in my heart.
 Today I let my Lord down, He say's that He will love me no matter what,  All I can do is ask for His forgiveness and try not to let things get in the way again.
 Today, all I can do is ask forgiveness from everyone, for letting them down, and also ask them to help me by being accountable.
 Today things are starting to look a little brighter, but the clouds still remain.
 Tomorrow, I pray will be the "better" day.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tough Day?

Look in to the face of the devil, and tell him that he will not get the best of you today,
  Because the Lord JESUS is the best of you.
Smile to the world, who is trying to get you down,
  Lift them up to Jesus in prayer.
Demons are all around the outside of us,
  But Jesus is in our hearts and his Love fills us to where it over flows our bodies.
The world is dark even in the brightest days,
  The Lord is Light even in the darkest night.

Monday, October 10, 2011

P. P. L.

 Trusting in the Lord is more than what most believe or even want to believe. we could walk around all the time looking up and praising Him, But that doesn't mean that we won't trip over things that come in our way. The Lord wants us to pray and to praise Him, But He also wants us to live a life that is our own.
( Pray , Praise , Live ) But don't give up, just continue these three things.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wedding Anniversary

Isn't it funny how we can remember some things and our mind goes blank the moment we start something new.
 Ten years ago on this very date, I have no idea of what I was thinking, nor do I remember where I was or even what I would have even been doing.
I guess it wasn't that great a moment in my life for me to even think about trying to remember.
 But on the other hand , one year ago today something happened that I will never forget.
 Deb and I said our vowels and we celebrated our coming together as "one" with our families and friends.
 And now it's been one year, one year? Boy this time as gone by fast.
 Sure there has been some moments that we had some hard times with things and even with each other, But when we said that " We will love each other in sickness and in health, richer and poorer until death do us part". it was more that just some words that we said, it was and is a Promise that we made to one another and most importantly to God.
 Today we celebrate the "Promise" and look forward to all the times ahead.
 Without trying to think of regrets, we just remember the reflection of the times that God gave us, for we as a couple can go to Him and ask for help. And when going through those  tough times we grow closer together and stronger in our relationship with God and each other.
 Today won't you celebrate with us the "Blessing" that God gave us. And remember to celebrate the Blessings that he gives all of us everyday,  in spouses, family , friends and even the strangers that we pass by everyday.
 You my be the blessing that someone else needs today.
 Celebrate everyday just for the breath that He gives us.
 How do you celebrate His gift of breath?
  Do you curse His name?
  Do you lift up His name and praise it?