Wednesday, April 6, 2011

No Thank You, My Plate is too full now.

Why is it that sometimes our plates seem to be over flowing with things to be done?
 Some times things are so good looking and very desiring. Other times we think that we need to do these things just to get by.
 And some times it's a little of both, but what if it's someone else that is filling our plate? Some one who doesn't see or really seem to care that we are overwhelmed with too many tasks.No matter how you try to tell them, "HEY MY PLATE  IS FULL!!!  QUIT PUTTING MORE ON IT!!!"
Even through we need  things on our plates to survive, We need to have a plan of just what is going on our plates.
 We need a "Healthy Diet" and quit having people put their junk and other peoples responsibilities  on ours.
 Just because in the past we helped out in a "Pinch" doesn't mean that we can do it forever.
 There are people "dying" to have something to put on their plates while ours keep piling up.
It's good to indulge in "LIFE", but we shouldn't over indulge if there is a "health risk" (being over worked, stressed out).
 A Doctor could prescribe us a pill and / or exercise. But our plates will remain filling up because others aren't seeing how they are treating you.
 You can tell them time and time again but they see you as weak or lazy.
 That's when we need to sit them down and say, "you are asking too much, and I know that in the past I could do all this and more, I gave you an inch then, but now you are taking more than a mile of my time. I'm finding it hard to do my job and what  you ask here and there, but you keep adding more everyday, and you keep changing your mind on how things need to be done".
 Then we need to tell the other's that keep putting things on our plates to back off. I will do what I'm asked as long as it pertains to what I was originally hired for.I know this job changes daily, but the main focus stays the same, and I'm having a hard time doing my main task when everything else you give me is (has to be put on the top of the "things to do list").
I love my job, and I'm proud to be a part of this organization, But my health and well being comes first, I can't give you 100% of my time, I have a family.
 And don't even play the "God Card", God knows what I can handle, and when my work takes me away from church and away from the time that I worship and praise the lord. Then I know that this (all the extra on my plate) is NOT of Him.
 I'm gonna try something new, instead of having my best "China" out, I'm gonna start using "Paper Plates". Meaning that when my plate seems to be getting to full I WILL stop the portions coming on it, because I don't want it to fold up and land in my lap. And when the day is done, I will just throw the "plate" away and start a new one the next day, I will not be taking my job home!!
 And if they still can't understand this short conception of how my life (at work) is falling apart, then I will find a more "healthier diet" some place else.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Don't be "April Fooled"

Don't let this old world "FOOL" you, with all it's sayings and traditions.
There is only one Savior of this world.
"April Fools Day" is once a year, even though people are fooled 
         everyday by believing "Man" and what he says.
Believing and Trusting in JESUS will lead to a Life time of "TRUTH". 
Friday at 10:59am April 1st. 2011