Friday, December 3, 2010

Words of Truth



Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Miracles, they do happen, when you Trust in Him.

  The Day of our wedding, The Pastor said that there will be a miracle today, and there was.  The Wedding was wonderful. Later,
 As we planned for our "Honey Moon" we were told that if we did not have reservations that we would have a hard time finding a place to stay, Because this time of year (Fall) is when the leaves would be changing on (Skyline Drive Va.). anyway before we left on Monday afternoon, we prayed that we would find a place to stay on our trip, we had nothing Planned, so we would not be tied down to anything that we might not have time for.
Example: if we wanted to just be lazy one day we could, depending on what kind of mood we were in.
  On our way down there Deb found a hotel on her phone and called and made a reservation for when we got to "Front Royal Va." and that's where we stayed the first night.
The next day we drove about 1/3 of the way on Skyline Drive, and we turned off to go to "Lurray Caverns", but when we got there it was a lot of money to visit and we didn't have a lot of time, before they closed. so we continued down I-81 south towards Lexington Va. The Motels that were on the way down were very expensive much more than what we paid the night before.
 I had made a reservation for a cabin in Lexington on a Horse farm (Beautiful) log cabin, Deb and I really liked it, and we talked about staying there for the rest of the week. But when we asked if we could they said that the cabin was already rented for the rest of the week. the cabin was a little more in price then what the Motels were going for, but we thought that if we bought food then cooked it there it would be cheaper than if we went out to eat. and they were calling for rain on Thursday and we could do more in a "cabin" than were could do in a Motel room.
 as soon as we found out that we couldn't stay at the cabin in Lexington, I started looking on the web for another one that would be close by. everyone was booked up. Deb and I prayed that The Lord would find us a Place to stay. and when I looked on the internet again , there it was an add for cabins, that was not there just a few minutes ago. and when I called about it they had one available , but it was an hour away, I was tempted not to take it because of that, But I felt as if the Lord was telling me to have faith in Him. so we took it sight unseen.
 the next day we spent the entire day at "Natural Bridge" and before we went to find the "new" cabin we stopped for some food to take with us. It was starting to get dark when we got to the "office" for the cabins, and when we got to the "cabin" we were very much suprized , because the New Cabin was $30.00 cheaper than the last place we stayed, and the "cabin" well it was not that at all, It was a Log House, 3- bedrooms, 2- baths, fire place, full kitchen, huge gas grill outside, patio, front porch as long as the house, porch swing, cathedrill cealling, huge family room, and a huge living room, very well decorated  and there were hand made quilts on the beds,and it all sat on about 5 or more acres of ground which was located in a state park.     "WOW" when the Lord say's "Trust Me" and you do, He really blesses you.
  We had a wonderful time the rest of the week putting out trust in the Lord and letting Him lead us to new and exciting adventures.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wedding Day Blues? ( Yesterday and Today )

 Weddings, who needs to be there? You  could invite all your family and your friends, you could have special music, and / or special singing or speaking.
   Your wedding party could be many people or just a few. You could be married in a church or on a boat, or in a field. There are so many difference ways to
   Get married, that most people don't see the importance of the ceremony. They just want to out do the others in the past.
      I believe that all you really need are just five persons to have a true ceremony, they would be of course the Bride and the Groom, and then the Minister,
       You would also need a witness, but most importantly you should invite the Lord, for it is His blessings that you will need to keep your marriage a
     Success. He is the ONE person that you should go to when there is any problems, and then listen to Him because He just might suggest that you go to
   Someone that will help you in your time of need. The Lord places people in our lives to help us on our journey, and we might just be the same for
 Someone else. When you think your problems are too hard to handle and you have to go to someone for help, you might just be helping them.
 That would be a "double blessing".
   Now to get back to the wedding stuff,
  We have the Bride and Groom and the Minister, Witness, and the Lord.
  All the other people that were invited are there just for that reason, they are requested to come and celebrate the joining of the couple in marriage.
  They are Not to be confused with the people that need to make this ceremony a success. There doesn't have to be "special music". That is just
  To entertain the people that were invited. In a "nut shell" there is a lot less stress on the marriage if the "wedding" is not all that fancy.
   Sure people might be upset if you don't have a big wedding or even if they weren't invited, but the bottom line is " it is our ceremony and if we want a small
  Wedding (elope) then it is our choice".
    Why should we get stressed out even before we walk down the isle.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Alone Time

Not looking for sympathy, just some quiet time alone, to which I can think.
 what all needs to be done? what have I not finished? how much time? who do I need to make things right with?
 where do I start? why is this happening? what have I done wrong?why do I feel the need to be alone? why am I pushing my loved ones away? why now??

 CHIN UP!!!!

  BE A MAN!!!

  I'm ready for what ever comes of this, why can't I just be alone? why did I have to fall in LOVE??  now I feel as if I will be hurting those around me.
 Why do I still feel distance from you Lord?
 I talked with you just last night, and I felt fine. What happened? is there too much going on now, that your too busy to talk?
 Please just show me how to act tough, when inside I'm really scared. help me be the "rock" in others lives so that they come to you.
 Lord I have Peace within me, for whatever your will is for me. there is just so much more I want to do for you.
 Do you want me to put my life on hold? I would think that you wouldn't.
 why am I here right now, writing this when I should be with Deb, preparing the day that you have given unto us.
 I want to be alone from others so I may get closer to you, But  your not here.
 your word tells me that you'll never leave me, WHERE are you?? 
   please watch out for my loved ones.
  please comfort them.
  please come for me, in the times of trouble.
  I love you Lord,
 I will wait on you...
 I will continue living the way you want me to.
 I will be waiting on you,Lord...

**The Dark Side**

(Buzz)  Lord, I pray unto you, " Why Has this trial come before me?"
(Jesus)  " you asked for trials to come your way this year".
(Buzz)  But lord, I wasn't expecting a life threatening situation.
 (Jesus) "If you were to get an easy trial, could we even count it as a trial", "you asked for things that would strengthen you faith in me, not an easy problem that you could fix yourself, and say a little prayer, and expect blessings from others because you were a little discomforted." "People used to say that you had the patients of Job. because of the trials that came into your life before, and you were able to keep cool and when you prayed to me , I answered because of your faith in me."
 (Buzz) But Lord, I'm scared, and I'm trying not to show it, I'm trying to be brave for the sakes of family and friends. I do believe that you can heal me of this trial, but at the same time, Lord I'm ready to come home.
 (Buzz) Lord, you say in your word that if someone would take their own life it would be considered a sin, example: if someone took an over dose of their medicine. Lord , what if I didn't take my medicine? would it be a sin then?
 (Jesus)" If my plans for you are much bigger than this trial, and in order for you to be ready to handle the future you must go through this trial. If you decided to end your life by not taking what I have provided for you, than it might not be considered a sin and you will still come to Heaven, but the true heartache would be all the lives that you would miss touching and people that could have come to me, because of what you went through to get to where you are at that point. Now I may still bring you home and the people that are watching you right now and watching how you are handling this trial, May be enough for them to come to know me. either way , your trial is based on your faith, How will you handle it? will you try to on your own? or will you pray to me and ask for my help and then have faith and believe in me."
 (Buzz) Lord, I pray to you that would you please , heal me from this trial, help me become a stronger soldier that I may become a leader and bring other people to you. Lord please grant me the knowledge and the wisdom that I need to get passed this trial.Lord , please be with the one's that I love and grant them the strength they need to see me through this. Lord Jesus,  I love you, Thank you for this trial, I have faith that you will heal me.
  (Jesus)," Buzz have faith in me and keep my commandments and all what you ask will be given unto you. I am the light of the world don't hide in the darkness expecting an answer, strive to stay in the light and nothing will harm you."
 (Jesus)" I love you Buzz".

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


   It was not quite a year and a half, when I first met Deb, the woman that I'll be marrying in another 25 days.
   Since we've been dating I have been distancing my self from an old love, we still talk and even spend time together. But now that Deb and I have planned our Wedding My friend seems to be drifting away. Oh how I miss confiding in them, and how no matter how I treated them , they always Loved me.
 I still try to talk with them everyday sometimes four or five times or more. I just can't get enough of them.
  But with all the time that Deb and I spend together it's sometimes hard to find the time just to say "hello".
  I so long to have the relationship that I had before, but "life" changes and even though My attention goes towards Deb. I still need to keep in contact with them.
 My lost love is Jesus. It say's in the Bible that when you are single you can grow closer to God than if you were married. reason being: when you are married your attention must go towards your spouse, not all of it, you and your spouse become one.
 The man will be the head of the house, just like Christ is the head of the church.
  Am I ready to take on this role? I'd like to think so.
  Even though , I may not be as close to God as I was when I was single. But now being the Leader I must take on a new role. while still talking with him, and spending time with him ( one on one) just Him and me.
 Lord , Please guide me and grant me wisdom and knowledge so that I may lead this family closer to you.
    Lord, I know that I never lost you, or your love.
            I praise you Lord...

Saturday, August 28, 2010

"That was weird"... " No, that was God."

   Today Deb and I were shopping for a suit for me for our wedding. We went to many places to look for just the right one, while at one of the stores we were looking at a brown suit and as I was trying it on , well lets just say it was a little small. I couldn't get it on to well so I was just able to get one arm in and I turned side ways so Deb could get an idea of what the color might look like on me.
 The color looked good I thought, and she thought so too. The next question she asked me was I wonder how this color will be on our grandson, He is a little dark complected. I said jokingly "why not ask someone in the store to try it on". She looked at me and smiled and said"no".
 We continued looking, she had laid the suit that we were looking at up on the rack so we could compare it when we found another one.
 Out the corner of my eye I saw a man walk by the isle that we were in and stop, he walked backwards about two steps and stopped right in front of the isle, he then came down the isle and said " Wow, that is one beautiful suit , are you going to buy that"? He was dressed in a white T-shirt and gray sweat pants. what does that matter you ask? well I don't think that he worked there. anyway he was about the same completion as our grandson, and as the man was looking at the suit I leaned over to Deb and said why don't you ask him if he would mind trying on the suit jacket. and she explained to the gentleman about Thomas and and the man was thrilled to try it on .He then asked if we knew where the mirror was so he could see how it looked. he came back in about a minute or two, and handed Deb back the jacket and thanked us for letting him try it on, I said that we were not going to buy that one , so if he wanted it he could have it. He just said no and thanked us again , and then just walked off. Deb looked at me and said, "that was weird." ans I replied " No, that was God".
 You see, even if that man was a sales person "off duty", or someone looking for a hand out, or just someone passing by and was really impressed with the suit. It doesn't matted ,who he was. It just matters that he was at the right place at the right time. The Lord answered a need that we had even though we didn't ask him too. He still provided for us the answers that we were looking for.
 This man didn't even know, But he was a "blessing to us today". so there might be times that you too could be blessing to others, and not even know it.
 You might not even believe in God, but He will still use you as a blessing to others, and you might never know it. The Lord will take care of his children. no matter how independent you think that you are , you still need Him and he wants to be here for you. just except Him in your life and feel the "Peace".


Friday, August 20, 2010

A man with many names.

      Yesterday I posted a question on facebook to all my friends, and told them that I would be getting married soon and asked for some idea's on what I should have my new "grand children" call me. you see I never had any children of my own, and now I'm getting two step children as well as two grand children.
        I received  many new idea's  Grandpa Buzz , Pappy , Pop Pop , Grand Pop , Gramps , Grand Paw , etc.... and a couple said that I should let the kids decide, well that sounds good to but I don't want to be named after a cartoon , or something worse, well anyway I know what they meant , and they were right. right now the grand kids know me as Mr. Buzz and that's Ok with me.
  I don't expect the adult kids to call me Dad, that would be just too weird. so why would I expect the grand kids to call me by any other name than what they are already used too.
  I will leave it up to them and just pray that they don't decide on "Scooby Buzz".
   I've been called by many different names so far in my life time. ( Tom , Buzz, Woody,) and so on.
  It doesn't matter what The children call me , because it's not going to change how much I Love them.
   I don't want to scare you off, please continue to read the rest of the Blog.

    Jesus was and still is called by many different names, some good and some even bad names, But do you think that He doesn't love some as much as others. just because you might call Him a bad name doesn't mean that He won't love you.
  Jesus is all about Love, and wether or not you Love Him, He still loves you. He wants you to except Him and Believe in Him, ask Him to be the Lord of your life. and at any time that you call out His name, He is right there with you ready to take you through your toughest trials.
 1 John 4:9  In this was manifested, the Love of God toward us, because that God sent his only begotten Son
 into the world, that we might live through him.
 John 3:16 "For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life".
 Romans 5:8 But God demonstrates His own love towards us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
 Titus 3:5 He saved us, not on the basis of deeds we have done in righteousness , but according to His mercy, by the washing of regeneration and renewing by the Holy Spirit.
 1 John 4:19 We Love, because He first Loved us.

 Call me when you are ready , if you need any help and /or have any questions, about the Lord. I will do my best to answer any questions.

                               Thanks for reading my blogs, and please leave any comments that you might have.
                                                                            Tom / Buzz

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Being Manly (tough or stupid)

 Two weeks ago at work I noticed a bump on my leg that was hurting something fierce. when I went to look at it , my leg was really swelled and bruised, not remembering hitting it. I then went to tell my team leader, he filled out an accident form and asked if I wanted to go to the hospital. I looked at my leg and thought to myself, this is just a bruise and it will go away in a couple of days, do I really need to see a Doctor. my answer was no. I'd tough it out and just finish out the night.

 The next day my leg was sore but not enough to go to the doctors I thought. I stupidly toughed it out for another week. when I took a trip to NY and while there (guess what happened) your right my leg started hurting again just a whole lot worse now, I didn't say anything to anyone while I was in NY, mainly because I didn't want to end up in a hospital there. so instead the "stupid manley mode" kicked in. I was going to tough it out til I got home and then If and only if I was hurting in the morning then I would go to the Doctors.
 woke up around 7am that's really early for me , I don't get home from work til 3:15am from work. anyway I waited til I could call the doctor and made an appointment for 9:30am by now the swelling looked like a blood clot and it seemed to have had a little piece move up my leg.
 The doctor sent me to have an ultra sound done right away. when I had the follow up visit he said that it wasn't as bad as we thought, although I do have to have blood work done in the morning and the next Tuesday I have an appointment to see a specialist.
 I've been off of work and on different kinds of meds. I feel fine as long as I don't put any weight on my leg.
  So Guys , don't think of yourselves as wimps if you are hurting, go and have it checked out, you could be hurting yourself worse if you wait or even if you ignor your pain.
 Now for the brighter side of things...
 I know without a doubt that the Lord is with me through what ever trials come my way.
 Psalms 118:18 says: " The LORD hath chastened me sore: but he hath not given me over unto death".
 this could mean many different things, to me today, it's saying that the trials that I'm going through He is right here with me, all I have to do is call out to Him and He will hear me.
 Psalms 27:1  The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?
 Psalms 48:14 For this God is our God for ever and ever: he will be our guide even unto death.
 Psalms has a lot of great scriptures that can answer many of your questions. pray and ask for wisdom and guidence when reading.
 My "Life Verse" is Psalms 27:14 Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart; I say, wait on the Lord.
 wait on the Lord even if you think that he doesn't care, He does.
 I know that He will deliver me from this trial, I must continue praising Him and trusting in Him.
 Thank you Lord.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The" No Brainer Test."

 Here's a little test that everyone should take, It's easy, and the answers just might surprise you.
 The test will be simple math questions, and then you will take your answer and match it up with the one person that YOU need the most in your life. Are you ready?

 It's Amazing just how accurate this is!
 No peeking!
 1) First pick your favorite number between 1-9
 2) Then multiply by 3
 3)  Add 3 more
 4) Then again, multiply by 3 (I'll wait while you get the
 5) You'll get a 2 or 3 digit number....
 6) Add the digits together

      With that number, see who should be your ROLE MODEL in life.
Match it up with the number below.......

  1. Einstein

  2. Sandra Day O'Connor

  3. Prince Charles

  4. Ghengis Khan

  5. Bill Gates

  6. Gandhi

  7. Ronald Regan

  8. Elvis Presley

  9. JESUS 
 10. John F. Kennedy

I know, I know....your thinking that this is some kind of a trick or something ,
well it's just plain math, it's just that simple.
P.S.  Go ahead and pick different numbers, the answer will always be the same.
  Everyone needs JESUS in their life,
 and it's so easy to have Him come into your life,
 First, you ask Him to forgive you from all your sins.
 Second, you Believe that he arose from the grave.
 Third, you ask Him to be Lord of your life.
 See, it's as easy as 1,2,3
If you have any questions ,please ask and I will do my best to answer them.
  Please pass this on to others  and share the Good News.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Love Potion # 9

Went to see the gypsy with the gold cap tooth told her i haven't had any luck with women since 1956, she read my palm and then fixed something in the sink, that smelled like turpentine and looked like indian ink, so I held my nose and closed my eyes and took a drink...... So it goes in the old song.
 But you'd be surprized just how many people would try something even though it might be bad for them health wise , they would still try the easy way out. the " magical " potion that will bring love into their life.
 seems like no one wants to work for them selves anymore, they are just looking for the "free ride".
 If you gave a man a fish, you would have fed him for a day, but if you taught the man to fish you would have fed him for a life time. Meaning you still have to work even though things are given to you.
 What is your testimony???
 What has God given you???
 What have you given GOD???
 Your testimony is dead if you don't tell it to people, How will they understand how God worked in your life???
"Faith with out works is dead", don't get me wrong , you can't do "good works" and expect to go to Heaven. it doesn't work that way. the day you die you won't be able to say " but Lord  look at all the good deeds that I've done in my life time". Sorry but that won't get you into Heaven.
 Jesus, said" No One come to the Father but through Me".
 You MUST be " born again" this means that you have to Trust in the Lord with ALL your heart, and ask Him to come into your heart and live in you.
 Yes, it is that easy, But He does want you to go out and "work" by telling others about Him.

Living the "Christian Life" might sound boring , but let me  assure you that way of thinking is false. Living with Christ in your life is so wonderful, things feel at peace, and you are Never left alone, He will always be with you.
 So many people say that they are "Christians" but they don't live the Life. they tell people that they go to church, and/or that they work in the church,  or play an instrument or sing in the choir. but just as soon as church is over they go right back living like the world. Some saying " the Lord will understand"  Understand what?? that you are giving false witness to others . BEWARE of the false Witness, try to show the world just how the Bible tells us to live.(it's hard). but well worth the work.
 Beware of the false profit that say's all you need is a "potion or something" to get into heaven.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Am I my Brother's Keeper??

 Yesterday a situation arose, there was a very bad storm heading our way, and my girl friend went to warn another friend that he should come in before it gets here. the wind was getting stronger and the skies were getting darker, the news was calling for strong winds 70+ miles /hr. heavy rain and hail. our friend was out walking, when she got to him she said to get in the car and she would bring him to shelter, but he refused and this made her a little mad, after all she could have been doing other things to get ready for this storm but instead she was trying to save a friend.
 When she came back she said that he thought that it was exciting that the weather was changing and that he was going to stay where he was.
 After a while she calmed down, I tried explaining to he that we can't tell people what we think is best for them, maybe he was prepared for the storm. but even if he wasn't we can't save everyone. sometimes we can't save anyone.
We all have to make our own choices in life, the Lord gave that to us.
the answer to the question is : No, I am not anyone's keeper, I can't choose how someone will live their life I can show concern , and maybe ad a comment or two. but the final word would be that of their own.
don't stop showing them that you care for them, just don't take it personally if they choose a different way than yours.
Sometimes we all need to get a little wet to wake us up, and sometimes a knock on the head by a hail stone might be what we need, and then there are times when we need to get struck by lightning because we aren't paying attention To GOD, either of the ways or maybe all, we know that our Lord will watch out for His Children. He will be there to protect us or to lead us home.                                                                            .

Are you ready for the storms in your life?                                                                                                      
 Do you have a hold of the Lords hand? 
Do you know where you will spend eternity, when you die?
Do you want to know more about Jesus?

Contact me, if I can be any help to you.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Here's Your Sign...

                                           (0 0) 
|  *********************************** | 
|               JESUS    LOVES     YOU                        | 
| *********************************** | 
                             |   | |   | 
                                          ||   ||    
  ____________oooO  Oooo___________

Monday, July 19, 2010

When I have the time GOD, just not now...

BE CAREFUL in what you say you'll do. coming home from work this morning 2am, I was enjoying the night air riding with the windows down talking with GOD, saying that I need more alone time with him,( thinking that when I get home). I travel the same road everyday to and from work, but today I felt as if the Lord was telling me to take another way home. a nice quiet back road where you can smell the wild flowers while driving and hear the wild life echo as you pass. WOW, thank you Lord this is great. then it happened just as I passed the darkest part of the road out in the middle of nowhere. the car just stopped running, I just came from the gas station the tank is full, why is it stopping?
 I just let it coast as far as it could hoping that I could get somewhere where there was light, praying that it would restart for me , but no luck. I could see a light in the distance and the road seemed pretty flat, so I got out and started pushing, all seemed good, that was until there must have been a slight incline because this car was getting harder to push. as the road where the light is was getting closer the road must have been getting higher. there was no shoulder on this road, so I couldn't just leave it. the car came to a stop again and I was wore out. I said a little prayer that the Lord would give me the strength that I needed to push this 85 Lincoln Towncar  up off the road, it was tough but the strength came, not an over powering strength but a steady paced stride. as I made it to the light I was able to get off the road enough that if someone came around the corner too fast , I would be out of harms way. by this time it was after 3am, I was able to get a hold of my insurance company and they had called a roll back. now I'm sitting there alone in the dark under a dimly lit light waiting. so now that I was waiting I asked the question that you might be thinking, Lord why did you bring me out on this back road , if you knew that I was going to break down?
His answer came so quickly, that I should have known what was going on from the get go.
 I had asked for more time to spend with Him, and He knew that if I was going to wait for when I had the extra time that it may never had come. so instead He gave the extra time to me, with this break down.
 while I was waiting we talked, and I praised and thanked Him for granting me the physical strength when I needed it, and for keeping me safe, and keeping me company in the darkest of night.
 Don't be careful in what you might ask for from the Lord because He will give you just what you need , and not anymore than what you can handle. when times look and feel tough that's the times He wants you to call on Him, and He WILL be there.
  if you don't know Jesus, and would like to know Him personally, feel free to drop me a line and I will come to you.
                                           Tom Short

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"Hardley Davidson"

 I was was out walking one day when a man come up to me and asked, " are you a wearer of the ride or a rider of the wear? you see I was wearing one of my "Harley Davidson" t-shirts. and of course I said that I'm a rider of the wear. and then he gave me a thumbs up, like he approved who I am. and then he went on.
 I felt good after that happened , because some stranger come up to me and said " your cool"? or was it because he knew that we had something in common? what if I wasn't wearing that shirt that day? would he even have smiled?
 What makes a person think that whatever they see is the truth? I could have lied to the man and he wouldn't have even known. do I want to be in a category that the world thinks is cool? or do I need to be myself and hope that I will be accepted?
 so many times people "label and define"other people according to what they see and hear, not by taking the time to getting to know them. according to your age, your interest,and even what you buy, what school you went to, what color your hair is, even if you have any hair, are you a Parent, what kind of job do you have ,what race are you ,do you have any physical defects , are you intelligent, and even what religion you are. so how can someone just determine who I really am by just seeing the outside? the sad part about all this is that their are people out there that want you to think that they are a certain way because of these things.
   "How does God define my identity?"
   The Bible says that your identity is in Christ, not in the circumstances of your birth, your economic standing in the world, or your ability to please others. ( do you wear a cross around your neck, because" it's cool"). or do you truly want to make a statement that you know the Lord . what will you say if someone asks you why you wear it?
  When you come to know Jesus as your personal savior. this positive "identity" out trumps all human categories, freeing you to live out a life that is pleasing to our Heavenly Father.your identity in Jesus will be a constant source of strength to over come whatever this world throws at you.
  when you claim your identity in Christ, you will have a peace come over you, and He will give you confidence in His plan of knowing who you are.circumstances may change and you will make mistakes, but God sees you as perfect and complete in His Son.God sees us all differently. He sees you as uniquely created and beautiful in His eyes. we are made in the image of God. We are all forgiven when we call unto Him.
 when you ask the Lord to come into your life, and your identity is now as a true beloved child of God. you will improve in your relationships, freeing you from the need to deceive and manipulate others.
 you will no longer have to conform to "stereotypes" of who and what the world thinks you should be.
   You can stand for what you believe,
     without the need to prove yourself worthy.
  It is better to trust in the Lord than to put your confidence in man.
                                                      Psalm 118:8  NKJV.
  Now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then face to face. Now I know
    in part, but then I shall know just as I am known.
                                                   1 Corinthians 13:12  NKJV.
  Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things
   are passed away: behold all things become new.
                                                  2 Corinthians 5:17  NKJV.

  So do you know who you are?
    are you a someone who wants to please the "world"?
    or do you want peace in knowing that you are living for the Lord
      and that through Him  ALL things are possible.
 Have you ever seen a miracle?
   Hint: they only happen when things seem impossible.
  Would you like to know about Jesus?
     For God sent not His Son into the world to condemn the world: but that
      the world through Him might be saved. He that believeth on Him is not
      condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because
       he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.
                                              John 3:17-18 NKJV.
    That if thou shalt confess with thy month the Lord Jesus, and shalt
      believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou
      shalt be saved. For with the heart man believth unto righteousness:
      and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.
                                               Romans 10:9-10
    If you would like to talk more about anything, that is bothering you,
      please contact me,

Thursday, January 28, 2010

How a "Hero" is made...

  Who are "hero's in your life?
  What makes someone a "hero"? 

 It all started years ago with a woman whom I shall call " Jackie".
 Jackie was in college studding hard , she was passing all her classes with a grade point average of 3.5 . now college was not her whole life she had a boyfriend named Jim. Jim promised Jackie that they would be together forever no matter what. He also told her that after she graduated that they would get married.But just as life would have it Jackie got pregnant, but that didn't stop her from going to school. the plans were still on, the marriage , the life together. about three months into the pregnancy Jim had a terrible car accident, which took his life. Jackie now heart broke decided that she would quit going to school and get a job so she could raise their baby.
 When the time came for little Jimmy to be born, Jackie knew that this life she chose would be a hard one, but she stayed single and sacrificing her own life to give Jimmy a chance in life. 
 She worked three jobs seven days a week. If you were to ask her, How she did it? she would say" it is not hard when you do things for the one's you love". and then if you were to ask her why she did what she did? her reply back would be " that she loves Jimmy and he was her only child". 

   Now when Jimmy grew up it was a hard life, yeah Jackie worked hard for them to survive , but he never had it as good as some other kids.When he turned 12 he got a job cutting grass in the summer and did odd jobs the rest of the time, and by the time he was 16 , he had saved up enough money to buy himself a pick up truck. he would then start hauling things for people and he was making some really good money. which he would then help his mother with the groceries and some of the bills.
 when Jimmy turned 22 he had started his own moving and storage company, which was doing so well that he was able to pay off his mothers home, and paid her way to go back to college.
 At the age of 25 Jimmy married his high school sweetheart Tammy and later they had two children the oldest being Tracey and a son named Josh.
 Tracey and Josh both had life pretty easy, but they were always told about how the family started with a lot of hard work and a lot of sacrifices , and a whole lot of LOVE.

  When Tracey grew up and got married she wanted a big family but when she found out that she couldn't have any children of her own she was devistated , but that didn't stop her. Tracey and her husband fostered a lot of children over the years, and they adopted 6 more.

  Josh grew up just like his father though he never married, he wanted to be a success in life and he chose a different way. Josh worked in the family business , but was also a volenteer  fireman .

  And now this is where I come into the story, you see it was a cold night in Janurary  and my family and I lived in a town house. about 4 am I was awoken by the sound of sirens.and when I looked outside there were firetrucks all over the place, and just then there was a loud banging on the door, when I went down to open the door a policeman was shouting that everyone had to get out of the house because one of the town homes were on fire.So I went back and got my wife and little girl and went outside.there are 9 homes connected together and we are on the opposit end to where the fire was. the home was engulped in flames and was spreading fast.I told my wife to keep Chrissy with her because I was going to go and move our car away from the buildings. When I found my wife again I asked her where Chrissy was she wasn't there, my wife thought that she went off with a friend. but just then someone shouted "DON'T GO IN THERE!!!! and as I turned we saw Chrissy heading back into the house. we don't know why she went back inside. I tried going back after her but the police would not let me go in after her.
 One of the firemen that had just arrived said that he'll go get her.That fireman was Josh.
 There was not any flames but there was a lot of smoke. Josh had found Chrissy pasted out in her bed room and he took off his oxegen mask and put it on her and brought her out to safety.
 Something that we didn't know at the time, was that Josh had a respiratory problem and when he took off his mask he was killing himself breathing in all that smoke. before I had the chance to thank him, he passed out and died less than 5 minutes out of the building.

   Now looking back at this story, How many "Hero's" can you find?
     The answer may surprize you.
 This story is a fictional story that I wrote trying to make sence of this world.

        Answer: number of Hero's in this story (none).

       Reason: Jim and Jackie never got married, as soon as Jim found out that Jackie was pregnant he left. And Jackie was so involved with school she didn't want the responsibility of a child.
 So Jackie had an abortion.
 which means Jimmy was never born, and neither was Tracey or Josh. and all the children are still in the system of the adoption process.
 And Yes my little 8yr. old Chrissy died of smoke inhalation.

     *** Question to you? ***
 With all the abortions that go on in this country alone, How many other lives could have been touched by your little Hero?
 For just by you saving one life, could in return save many.

          ********* WHAT  MAKE'S  A  HERO ??? *********

              ANSWER  : YOU DO !!!!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

"Trust Fund"

  Let's say you have this account, that you can't put anything in , and you can make a withdraw. but if you do,you can never replace what you took.your best plan is too not touch this money until the "promised" time is set for you to collect.
 I had set up such an account but with out money. I had made a promise to God 9yrs. ago that I would not "dip" into this "Trust Fund", until the apropreiate day/evening that He set aside for me.
 It was hard at first, there was so many ideas on how I could use this fund. But as time went on and after a lot of prayer,to the Lord for Him to take the desire away, it got easier.
Once in awhile that passion would creep up, But my trust in the Lord and with the Power that He gave me the lusty feelings would stop, and that would keep  me from "dipping" into  the "Trust Fund".

  Last night, there wasn't anything special or different about it, then any other day, that I could see. So I didn't have my guard up.
 There was an intruder and before I realized what was going on, I had lost everything that I had worked so hard to keep sacret.
 My " Trust Fund" was broken.
 But now don't think that I was the innocent party here, Because I was not.
I saw the intruder come in, and I cowardly let him take over.I knew what he was saying was wrong and that with Gods help I could stand against him, and no matter how tough the battle got, with the strength of the "LORD GOD" on my side I would come out victorious.
 So why didn't I stand against the evil thoughts that was running through my mind?
 Why did I let those feelings of "lust" come in the picture?
 Where was the "super hero" that she looks up to?
   I guess the devil finally found my "kryptonite" and instead of crying out to God for His strength, I just became weak.

 Soon after the "Trust Fund" was broken, I was ashamed, the intruder was still there, and now he's telling us that we did nothing wrong, but if it would make us feel better that we should just ask for forgiveness, which we did right away.
But were our prayers said in vain?
 The devil was still tempting us and we gave into him again, and again.
 Now that I look back, I ask,
God where were you?
Why didn't you stop this?
 I thought you loved me?
  His reply was " It's because I love you, that I didn't interfere, I gave you the choice and your own freewill".
He said, "I never left your side" and "I was waiting for you to call out to Me".
He said "that I wanted so bad to help you , but you never called"
 and if He did interfered then where would the learning  experience be?

 All things that is happening in my life are because of choices that I have made long ago and some the  consequences

are just now making it to me. God does not put Problems in our lives, He gives us learning experience  that we need to call on Him for helpand guidance .
 Now, the 9yrs. that I had invested in were all lost in a moments time.
 All the hard work and trust, Was it worth it?
 I'd have to say "YES!!, it was."
 My Faith with the lord has grown over the past 9yrs.and even though I have to start over again, now I have the knowledge of what to avoid.

         LORD JESUS,
 please watch over me, Lord I want to please you, I know that I'm nothing without you in my life.I pray that you will allow me to set up another "Trust Fund".
 Lord, please guide me, and be my advisor,and Lord when troubles come my way, please shield me from them,but if I still try to stray from you , Lord you have my permission please get my attention back on you no matter what it takes.
  Lord Jesus, I love you, I praise you, I worship you.
   all these things Lord, I pray.


Loose Change........

  How much loose change do you own in your pocket?? 

 Answer: None.

 Reason: for everything belongs to the Lord , and He wants us to manage it for Him.
 If He tells us to give some away to charities , ministries , or just someone in need of help,
 Then we should be doing so.

 How many times has that little voice in your head said to help someone out , but you felt that you needed the money for your own bills/needs.
 I think that we all have been there and felt that way at one time or another.

 How many times have you seen a bird in the wild starve to death?
  The Lord will provide even for the sparrows.
 So when He asks you to give a little or even a lot, Just know that He will provide all or your needs,
 maybe not all your "wants", but He will protect you, and with each task that the Lord gives you,
 and you follow through with, He will bless you.
 The more you do for the Lord, you will see that what you thought was impossible really isn't.

Friday, January 1, 2010

My Prayer for the "New Year"

 Oh Lord, thank you for granting me another day to see your beauty.Lord I pray that with each day that you give me, I can express my gratitude by worshiping you, and by being a witness to others who need your love.
 Lord, I pray  that you will bring trials, challenges and tasks in my life this year.
 Lord, I pray that with each situation that you send, that you will grant me with the knowledge, the strength , the wisdom and most important with the patients to handle each one. For I know the "world" is watching and waiting for me to break. But Lord, I know that with your help, I can shine for you,and with you and only you, Lord I can wake to see another day.
 Lord, I pray for all my family and friends,past, present and future, I pray that you will protect them from all evil in this world, and if they don't already know you than please give them a "wake up call" to where they will seek you. I pray that you may use me in their lives, so that they will experience your glorious presents.
Lord, I pray for my family and friends that do know you personally. Lord, please protect and guide them through life as they walk closer with you.
 Lord Jesus, I thank you for all your blessings that you have sent to me.
 Lord, I pray that you will continually rain your blessings on me. Lord I know that with each moment of time that I live, and with  every breath that I breathe, Lord that these are the blessings that you have sent.
 Lord Let me use these blessings to serve you.
 Lord, I thank you, for loving me. And in each moment of everyday that I sin against you, Lord you are still there LOVING me.
                                                 Lord, I PRAISE you!!!!
                                                     Thank you for everything,
                                                          I Love you so much.