Saturday, August 27, 2011

Un-Wanted Relatives

Have you ever had a Relative or know someone who just isn't welcome where ever they go because they are always causing trouble. They always want to be the center of attention. And if they are not then they will pout and cry and even start throwing things. They don't care that they might break something in fact they break as much as possible just so they will be remembered. And your not careful they will take things that aren't theirs, and you might never get it back.
 We heard that someone was heading our way that is like this, so in preparation , we went out and bought a lot of extra food just in case they decided to stay a while. We also had to put boards on the windows just in case they decide to start throwing things. And to make sure that they don't take anything that doesn't belong to them we tied everything down.
 I know, I know you're saying "just tell them not to come". Well I wish it was that easy, they don't like being told what to do, and they choose not to listen.
  The only thing we can do is Thank the Lord for His protection and welcome Aunt Irene to our lovely home, and pray that she doesn't hang around long and that she doesn't cause a lot of damage.
 Hurricane Irene, we are ready for you. You might feel strong, but just remember the One who made you, is my heavenly Father. And he said that He will never leave me. Aunt Irene you might play hard, But I will win this game of yours. After all you are coming to battle on my turf. And this home is dedicated to my Father, and His presents is all around us. I will be a winner either way. If you decide to take my life, I will be praising my Lord the very moment you take it. And when we survive your fury, we will be praising God.
 I will not give you any praise. Your hours are numbered and you will be soon forgotten.
 But my Lord will be here forever.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Farm Life w/ my Love

- When words are said with a loving meaning to each other, while at the same time everyone else thinks we are crazy-
 Deb and I will always be "Bull Headed" with each other and say "Chicken Foot" forever.
 Ahh "Farm Life".

Jesus Fish

What "symbols" do you wear that tells the world, just what type of person that you (might) be?
      The Lord tell all of us to be "Fishers" of men, to go out and tell the world of His Love.
 Now I ask you , just how much fish would come around us if we were making a lot of noise
 and commotion? Not many.
  Now if you were to ask a fisherman , what would you have to learn to have a successful catch,
 they would say to come into their area or into an area that they are traveling in a calm, quiet but yet
 firm kinda way. let them know that you are not there to harm them,
your just part of the same "world" that they are a part of.
 Next , you need a plan of action. You can't just yell into the water and expect for them to come to you.
 What do you have that will attract them to you? answer: the light of Jesus.
 If people see Jesus in you and experience the Love first hand from you,
then they are more likely  to come to the attraction and be intrigued.
 This will be the time when you can tell them of the Lords love for them.
I wear this "symbol" everyday  to remind me of my job as a "Fisher of Men".