Thursday, January 28, 2010

How a "Hero" is made...

  Who are "hero's in your life?
  What makes someone a "hero"? 

 It all started years ago with a woman whom I shall call " Jackie".
 Jackie was in college studding hard , she was passing all her classes with a grade point average of 3.5 . now college was not her whole life she had a boyfriend named Jim. Jim promised Jackie that they would be together forever no matter what. He also told her that after she graduated that they would get married.But just as life would have it Jackie got pregnant, but that didn't stop her from going to school. the plans were still on, the marriage , the life together. about three months into the pregnancy Jim had a terrible car accident, which took his life. Jackie now heart broke decided that she would quit going to school and get a job so she could raise their baby.
 When the time came for little Jimmy to be born, Jackie knew that this life she chose would be a hard one, but she stayed single and sacrificing her own life to give Jimmy a chance in life. 
 She worked three jobs seven days a week. If you were to ask her, How she did it? she would say" it is not hard when you do things for the one's you love". and then if you were to ask her why she did what she did? her reply back would be " that she loves Jimmy and he was her only child". 

   Now when Jimmy grew up it was a hard life, yeah Jackie worked hard for them to survive , but he never had it as good as some other kids.When he turned 12 he got a job cutting grass in the summer and did odd jobs the rest of the time, and by the time he was 16 , he had saved up enough money to buy himself a pick up truck. he would then start hauling things for people and he was making some really good money. which he would then help his mother with the groceries and some of the bills.
 when Jimmy turned 22 he had started his own moving and storage company, which was doing so well that he was able to pay off his mothers home, and paid her way to go back to college.
 At the age of 25 Jimmy married his high school sweetheart Tammy and later they had two children the oldest being Tracey and a son named Josh.
 Tracey and Josh both had life pretty easy, but they were always told about how the family started with a lot of hard work and a lot of sacrifices , and a whole lot of LOVE.

  When Tracey grew up and got married she wanted a big family but when she found out that she couldn't have any children of her own she was devistated , but that didn't stop her. Tracey and her husband fostered a lot of children over the years, and they adopted 6 more.

  Josh grew up just like his father though he never married, he wanted to be a success in life and he chose a different way. Josh worked in the family business , but was also a volenteer  fireman .

  And now this is where I come into the story, you see it was a cold night in Janurary  and my family and I lived in a town house. about 4 am I was awoken by the sound of sirens.and when I looked outside there were firetrucks all over the place, and just then there was a loud banging on the door, when I went down to open the door a policeman was shouting that everyone had to get out of the house because one of the town homes were on fire.So I went back and got my wife and little girl and went outside.there are 9 homes connected together and we are on the opposit end to where the fire was. the home was engulped in flames and was spreading fast.I told my wife to keep Chrissy with her because I was going to go and move our car away from the buildings. When I found my wife again I asked her where Chrissy was she wasn't there, my wife thought that she went off with a friend. but just then someone shouted "DON'T GO IN THERE!!!! and as I turned we saw Chrissy heading back into the house. we don't know why she went back inside. I tried going back after her but the police would not let me go in after her.
 One of the firemen that had just arrived said that he'll go get her.That fireman was Josh.
 There was not any flames but there was a lot of smoke. Josh had found Chrissy pasted out in her bed room and he took off his oxegen mask and put it on her and brought her out to safety.
 Something that we didn't know at the time, was that Josh had a respiratory problem and when he took off his mask he was killing himself breathing in all that smoke. before I had the chance to thank him, he passed out and died less than 5 minutes out of the building.

   Now looking back at this story, How many "Hero's" can you find?
     The answer may surprize you.
 This story is a fictional story that I wrote trying to make sence of this world.

        Answer: number of Hero's in this story (none).

       Reason: Jim and Jackie never got married, as soon as Jim found out that Jackie was pregnant he left. And Jackie was so involved with school she didn't want the responsibility of a child.
 So Jackie had an abortion.
 which means Jimmy was never born, and neither was Tracey or Josh. and all the children are still in the system of the adoption process.
 And Yes my little 8yr. old Chrissy died of smoke inhalation.

     *** Question to you? ***
 With all the abortions that go on in this country alone, How many other lives could have been touched by your little Hero?
 For just by you saving one life, could in return save many.

          ********* WHAT  MAKE'S  A  HERO ??? *********

              ANSWER  : YOU DO !!!!!!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

"Trust Fund"

  Let's say you have this account, that you can't put anything in , and you can make a withdraw. but if you do,you can never replace what you took.your best plan is too not touch this money until the "promised" time is set for you to collect.
 I had set up such an account but with out money. I had made a promise to God 9yrs. ago that I would not "dip" into this "Trust Fund", until the apropreiate day/evening that He set aside for me.
 It was hard at first, there was so many ideas on how I could use this fund. But as time went on and after a lot of prayer,to the Lord for Him to take the desire away, it got easier.
Once in awhile that passion would creep up, But my trust in the Lord and with the Power that He gave me the lusty feelings would stop, and that would keep  me from "dipping" into  the "Trust Fund".

  Last night, there wasn't anything special or different about it, then any other day, that I could see. So I didn't have my guard up.
 There was an intruder and before I realized what was going on, I had lost everything that I had worked so hard to keep sacret.
 My " Trust Fund" was broken.
 But now don't think that I was the innocent party here, Because I was not.
I saw the intruder come in, and I cowardly let him take over.I knew what he was saying was wrong and that with Gods help I could stand against him, and no matter how tough the battle got, with the strength of the "LORD GOD" on my side I would come out victorious.
 So why didn't I stand against the evil thoughts that was running through my mind?
 Why did I let those feelings of "lust" come in the picture?
 Where was the "super hero" that she looks up to?
   I guess the devil finally found my "kryptonite" and instead of crying out to God for His strength, I just became weak.

 Soon after the "Trust Fund" was broken, I was ashamed, the intruder was still there, and now he's telling us that we did nothing wrong, but if it would make us feel better that we should just ask for forgiveness, which we did right away.
But were our prayers said in vain?
 The devil was still tempting us and we gave into him again, and again.
 Now that I look back, I ask,
God where were you?
Why didn't you stop this?
 I thought you loved me?
  His reply was " It's because I love you, that I didn't interfere, I gave you the choice and your own freewill".
He said, "I never left your side" and "I was waiting for you to call out to Me".
He said "that I wanted so bad to help you , but you never called"
 and if He did interfered then where would the learning  experience be?

 All things that is happening in my life are because of choices that I have made long ago and some the  consequences

are just now making it to me. God does not put Problems in our lives, He gives us learning experience  that we need to call on Him for helpand guidance .
 Now, the 9yrs. that I had invested in were all lost in a moments time.
 All the hard work and trust, Was it worth it?
 I'd have to say "YES!!, it was."
 My Faith with the lord has grown over the past 9yrs.and even though I have to start over again, now I have the knowledge of what to avoid.

         LORD JESUS,
 please watch over me, Lord I want to please you, I know that I'm nothing without you in my life.I pray that you will allow me to set up another "Trust Fund".
 Lord, please guide me, and be my advisor,and Lord when troubles come my way, please shield me from them,but if I still try to stray from you , Lord you have my permission please get my attention back on you no matter what it takes.
  Lord Jesus, I love you, I praise you, I worship you.
   all these things Lord, I pray.


Loose Change........

  How much loose change do you own in your pocket?? 

 Answer: None.

 Reason: for everything belongs to the Lord , and He wants us to manage it for Him.
 If He tells us to give some away to charities , ministries , or just someone in need of help,
 Then we should be doing so.

 How many times has that little voice in your head said to help someone out , but you felt that you needed the money for your own bills/needs.
 I think that we all have been there and felt that way at one time or another.

 How many times have you seen a bird in the wild starve to death?
  The Lord will provide even for the sparrows.
 So when He asks you to give a little or even a lot, Just know that He will provide all or your needs,
 maybe not all your "wants", but He will protect you, and with each task that the Lord gives you,
 and you follow through with, He will bless you.
 The more you do for the Lord, you will see that what you thought was impossible really isn't.

Friday, January 1, 2010

My Prayer for the "New Year"

 Oh Lord, thank you for granting me another day to see your beauty.Lord I pray that with each day that you give me, I can express my gratitude by worshiping you, and by being a witness to others who need your love.
 Lord, I pray  that you will bring trials, challenges and tasks in my life this year.
 Lord, I pray that with each situation that you send, that you will grant me with the knowledge, the strength , the wisdom and most important with the patients to handle each one. For I know the "world" is watching and waiting for me to break. But Lord, I know that with your help, I can shine for you,and with you and only you, Lord I can wake to see another day.
 Lord, I pray for all my family and friends,past, present and future, I pray that you will protect them from all evil in this world, and if they don't already know you than please give them a "wake up call" to where they will seek you. I pray that you may use me in their lives, so that they will experience your glorious presents.
Lord, I pray for my family and friends that do know you personally. Lord, please protect and guide them through life as they walk closer with you.
 Lord Jesus, I thank you for all your blessings that you have sent to me.
 Lord, I pray that you will continually rain your blessings on me. Lord I know that with each moment of time that I live, and with  every breath that I breathe, Lord that these are the blessings that you have sent.
 Lord Let me use these blessings to serve you.
 Lord, I thank you, for loving me. And in each moment of everyday that I sin against you, Lord you are still there LOVING me.
                                                 Lord, I PRAISE you!!!!
                                                     Thank you for everything,
                                                          I Love you so much.