Friday, March 11, 2011

"Don't Box Me In"

 Have you ever been outside when one of those low flying  army airplanes went right over you.
 Ever wonder just how something that big and heavy is staying up there because it doesn't seem to be moving very fast. Then there are those Heavy steel ships that stay a float when you think that they should be sinking right to the bottom. Even though these are man made, where did "Man" get they idea's to put something like this together?
 Have you ever looked at a spider, I mean really looked at it. How does it know what to do? Does it's mother and father hold it up while it learns to walk? Is there a "spinning web school"?
 How about a worm, have you ever watched a worm move when it's in fresh dirt? How do they move  under the dirt, like fish under water? I don't know.
 When was the last time that you just watched a bird flying. Do they have a hand book with pictures in it so the baby birds will know what to do when they leave the nest?
 Have you seen the birth of puppies? Is there a special "Dog Training Class- 101" that teaches new mothers(dogs)  how to have pups and what to do with them when they need to be cleaned up right after they are born?
 How does "Nature" know what to do? Is it all by chance that everything just knows how to survive?
 Have you ever had to put one of your pets down? Were you holding them when they took there last breath?
 Has there been a time when you witnessed death of a friend or family?
  How did you deal with it?
 What makes a human body work?  and what causes it to stop?
 Everything has a "Heart" that pumps some kind of blood through it to keep it alive. How does the heart know how to pump?

 These are just some questions that you should ask yourself, before you discredit God, and say that He doesn't exist.
 An ostrich will hide it's head, all the while thinking that if it can't see "danger" then danger won't see it.
  even if you choose to ignore God's existence, that doesn't mean that He's not real.
   Look around you, Look in the mirror, look closer in the mirror. How is it that you see yourself?
   What is keeping you alive? Air ? Water? Food? these are all gifts from God that he has created.
  How can you say that He doesn't exist?
  Here's a "Project" for you, Make a box out of anything that you want to, anything at all.
 Doesn't matter the size, but make it with your own hands.
  Now when you get it done, Hold it up over your head and scream " I MADE THIS BOX, WITH MY OWN TWO HANDS, AND IT'S MY BOX!!!!.
 Now place your box on the ground.  OK, Now comes the tricky part. Now you have to find something that is stronger then what you made you box from. And you have to make sure that what you found is much bigger in size then what you box is.
 OK, he comes the fun part, Now with the new found item, you know the stronger and bigger thing then your box.
 Take that new item and cram it in your box, push really hard , cause it all has to fit.
  What do you think is going to happen?, You guessed it. your box is going to break.
 Just like in real life, You Can't just put God in a box, He is bigger then this world, and Nothing, I mean NOTHING is stronger then He is. He will break your box wide open. You can't hide from him, and you can't hide Him away. No matter what the world tells you, your NOT a square if you believe in God.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Son" Glasses

  Have you ever been out on a sunny day, when the sun was so bright that you had to cover your eyes?
  Have you ever been out when snow covered everything, and it was so bright that it was hard to see?
  The "sun" is a very important part of this world, if it weren't for the "sun" none of us would be here.
   Here is just a couple of reasons why we need the sun. 1) It gives us light. 2) It gives us warmth. etc...
  This world would not exist without the sun.

   God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son....
    God gave us His Son, God loved all of us so much that when we (world) was "going to hell in a hand basket", He gave us a savior that would rescue us from the everlasting torment in hell. all we have to do is ask for Jesus to come into our lives and be the ruler of it. and when we do wrong we ask for forgiveness and try and do better. Once God is the leader of you life He promised that He'd never leave you, and that when we die we will be with Him forever.  Sound's simple doesn't it, So why isn't the whole world on board of the "Glory Ship" heading towards Heaven?    Because Darkness is all around us, even in the brightest days there are people that just can't find their way through the darkness of evil around them.  Most of these people are looking for something better, they just don't know where and how to look.
 God has a plan for all of His children, have you asked him what he has in mind for you? Has He told you but you think that it is too difficult and want Him to give you something easier? He said that He wouldn't give us anything that we couldn't handle, and since He can do all things, and He said that he would always be with us, then why do we think that we can't, when we should be Knowing that with the Lords help we can do it all.
 We can be the miracle that God is sending to someone, we could be the special blessing that someone needs today, not tomorrow, not next week, and not "if I don't do this then maybe someone else will". this person might not have a second chance, and maybe you are the only "second chance" that they have.
 Maybe God put you here just for this one purpose, and you say "oh, it's too hard" or "what will people think". When God rescued you, who was it that opened your eyes? what if they said no to God?
  He might ask us to go to another country or just go in town, He might just say, go and talk with your neighbor, or say, call your Mom today. No matter what He say's it is for a good reason. We might not ever know if we even touched anyone in our life time, but don't be discouraged. Once the Lord comes truly into our life, people will notice the change. And they will be watching us. And that's when we need to keep trusting in the Lord and obeying in Him. pray that He will not only guide us , but that we will follow.
  There are times when we "so call " cover ourselves with the sins of the world that it is hard for anyone to see Gods love shining through us, we appear to be just a glow in a dark evil world. People see us but they don't want to draw attention to themselves by coming to the "glow". People, all people even Gods people have sins in their lives that they don't want others to see. so coming to a "glow" in the darkness would just reveal it to others and they couldn't hide.
 We as Christians need to ask the Lord to remove this shroud of evil that surrounds us so that the world can see His love.
  Then there are the Christians that are so uppity that people don't want to be around them, because they feel that they are not good enough.
  God sent His Son for "ALL" the world.
 Some times we might seem a little crazy to some but I think that being a little "cracked" will just help Gods love shine through us better.
 God says that no man can look upon His face and live. For only when you die that you will be in His presents. God lives in us, we are the "filters" for the world, God is in us, and His love shines through us.
 Since the world can't look into Gods eye's. He provided you and I to be the world's "SON GLASSES".
  This way when the Lord want's for the world to see and come to Him, then we are the ones that the world is looking at. we are the "lanterns" that the Lord uses. He fills us with His love as "fuel" and He is the Eternal Flame that shines in us. Darkness will flee when light comes in a room. Don't be an obstacle in Gods way because you will be in someone's way of seeing His light and you will just cause a "shadow" for evil to hide behind.
    Are you God's "Son Glasses"?    or are you evils "blindfold"?