Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Miracles, they do happen, when you Trust in Him.

  The Day of our wedding, The Pastor said that there will be a miracle today, and there was.  The Wedding was wonderful. Later,
 As we planned for our "Honey Moon" we were told that if we did not have reservations that we would have a hard time finding a place to stay, Because this time of year (Fall) is when the leaves would be changing on (Skyline Drive Va.). anyway before we left on Monday afternoon, we prayed that we would find a place to stay on our trip, we had nothing Planned, so we would not be tied down to anything that we might not have time for.
Example: if we wanted to just be lazy one day we could, depending on what kind of mood we were in.
  On our way down there Deb found a hotel on her phone and called and made a reservation for when we got to "Front Royal Va." and that's where we stayed the first night.
The next day we drove about 1/3 of the way on Skyline Drive, and we turned off to go to "Lurray Caverns", but when we got there it was a lot of money to visit and we didn't have a lot of time, before they closed. so we continued down I-81 south towards Lexington Va. The Motels that were on the way down were very expensive much more than what we paid the night before.
 I had made a reservation for a cabin in Lexington on a Horse farm (Beautiful) log cabin, Deb and I really liked it, and we talked about staying there for the rest of the week. But when we asked if we could they said that the cabin was already rented for the rest of the week. the cabin was a little more in price then what the Motels were going for, but we thought that if we bought food then cooked it there it would be cheaper than if we went out to eat. and they were calling for rain on Thursday and we could do more in a "cabin" than were could do in a Motel room.
 as soon as we found out that we couldn't stay at the cabin in Lexington, I started looking on the web for another one that would be close by. everyone was booked up. Deb and I prayed that The Lord would find us a Place to stay. and when I looked on the internet again , there it was an add for cabins, that was not there just a few minutes ago. and when I called about it they had one available , but it was an hour away, I was tempted not to take it because of that, But I felt as if the Lord was telling me to have faith in Him. so we took it sight unseen.
 the next day we spent the entire day at "Natural Bridge" and before we went to find the "new" cabin we stopped for some food to take with us. It was starting to get dark when we got to the "office" for the cabins, and when we got to the "cabin" we were very much suprized , because the New Cabin was $30.00 cheaper than the last place we stayed, and the "cabin" well it was not that at all, It was a Log House, 3- bedrooms, 2- baths, fire place, full kitchen, huge gas grill outside, patio, front porch as long as the house, porch swing, cathedrill cealling, huge family room, and a huge living room, very well decorated  and there were hand made quilts on the beds,and it all sat on about 5 or more acres of ground which was located in a state park.     "WOW" when the Lord say's "Trust Me" and you do, He really blesses you.
  We had a wonderful time the rest of the week putting out trust in the Lord and letting Him lead us to new and exciting adventures.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wedding Day Blues? ( Yesterday and Today )

 Weddings, who needs to be there? You  could invite all your family and your friends, you could have special music, and / or special singing or speaking.
   Your wedding party could be many people or just a few. You could be married in a church or on a boat, or in a field. There are so many difference ways to
   Get married, that most people don't see the importance of the ceremony. They just want to out do the others in the past.
      I believe that all you really need are just five persons to have a true ceremony, they would be of course the Bride and the Groom, and then the Minister,
       You would also need a witness, but most importantly you should invite the Lord, for it is His blessings that you will need to keep your marriage a
     Success. He is the ONE person that you should go to when there is any problems, and then listen to Him because He just might suggest that you go to
   Someone that will help you in your time of need. The Lord places people in our lives to help us on our journey, and we might just be the same for
 Someone else. When you think your problems are too hard to handle and you have to go to someone for help, you might just be helping them.
 That would be a "double blessing".
   Now to get back to the wedding stuff,
  We have the Bride and Groom and the Minister, Witness, and the Lord.
  All the other people that were invited are there just for that reason, they are requested to come and celebrate the joining of the couple in marriage.
  They are Not to be confused with the people that need to make this ceremony a success. There doesn't have to be "special music". That is just
  To entertain the people that were invited. In a "nut shell" there is a lot less stress on the marriage if the "wedding" is not all that fancy.
   Sure people might be upset if you don't have a big wedding or even if they weren't invited, but the bottom line is " it is our ceremony and if we want a small
  Wedding (elope) then it is our choice".
    Why should we get stressed out even before we walk down the isle.