Monday, November 30, 2009

"Christians trees"

Christians are like Christmas Trees. We all have a purpose in life, we all grow quickly w/ beauty at any age, as we grow older in the Lord our roots go deep in Him and our branches become stronger. The needles of our tree is what the world see's first and  the needles are like our "witness".  Sometimes we are like the "white pine" where the long soft needles are easy to handle. from a far your tree apears great, but as they get closer they see that your sparce looking and that your branches won't support their heavy ornaments of life. Then other times we are like the "blue spruce" our "witness" needles are short and prickly the touch, and can hurt a lot of people with just one touch.
 What type of tree are you???
  The world is watching all of us, so strive to be the perfect  "Christmas Tree" show the world that a "pine tree" isn't just for Christmas.
  Remember the other name for the pine tree " EVERGREEN "

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I was there......

I was there, when the devil knocked at your door,and I didn't chase him off.
I was there, when the devil came into your home, and I just stepped aside and let him come in.
I was there, when he started talking sweet things to you, and yet I said nothing.
I was there, when he started touching you inaproperly,and I just stood there and watched.
I was there, when the look on your face had concern on it, and I looked the other way.
I was there, when your worried look turned to pleasure, and I just smiled.
I was there, when we knew we were sinning, and yet I didn't stop.
I was there, when I heard the voice of the Lord telling me that this was wrong, and ignored Him.
I was there, when the teasing went too far, and I relized that I was  hurting you, not helping.
I was there, when by the power of the Lord, we stopped before we went too far.
I was there, when the devil saw the power of the Lord enter your home.
I was there, when the devil kissed you good bye.
I am here, asking you for forgiviness, and praying the the Lord will forgive also.
I am here, wanting to be with you, but knowing that it will only be in the Lords time.
I am here, Please wait for me.

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Cost of life.

Talk is cheap,
 Mistake's are expensive,
The Love of our Heavenly Father is Priceless.
 Our Love for one another takes work,
 We sometimes sacrifice things to get by.
 Our Lord sacrificed Himself for you and I.
 What greater gesture can one give,
 Than to lay His own life down ,
 For us to live.
It doesn't matter how much in your life that you made,
 For our sin debt has already been paid.
 The only thing that He asks of you, is that you believe in Him,
 And you Love Him too. Tell others of His wonders and grace,
 Tell them of His Heavenly place.
 Where you and I can go together,
 And praise and worship Him Forever.

Friday, October 9, 2009

"Having a bad day?"

 Don't let this world get to you,
  We're just passing through.
    When you follow the destiny
        GOD has givin you,
           You will live your life
               with passion
                   and Enthusiasm.


   Think of your self as a battery, in order for the Lords light to shine through us , we need for him to charge us with His love. The times when His light starts to dim, it's not because of the power source, it's because we don't stay connected with Him. The times when we are feeling low , lonely , scared , depressed are the times when we  let other things come in contact with us and we disconnect with God. It is at these times when we need to re-charge. Many people get re-charged at revivals . And a revival is an excellent time to get the power you need. But most of us can't wait til one comes around, because as we get older our cells seem to get weaker and don't hold the charge like they used to.
  Many Christians are just surviving with just a small portion of the power that the Lord could give them. They are just a night light in a large vast of nothingness . We all need to be the search light, so that all the lost souls can find their way to God.
     How bright does Gods light shine in your life?????
        Can others see you, or are they just bumping into you in the darkness????
             Do you need to re-charge your battery????
                    Seek God for His Power, let His light shine!!!!!!!!  


   His word is as sweet as sugar,
     But to others it can be bitter as a lemon.
        Miss use of His word will lead to truth decay.
           He's the only one who can take away the decay ,
               Smile, show the world that JESUS lives in you.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


This is a place for me to jot down some thoughts. It is also my way of witnessing to others about the wonders of my LORD JESUS. How He saved me from going to a devils hell,& how He has blessed my life. When ever I get the chance,I tell others about His love & forgiveness. He has changed my life forever. I have since been called a "Jesus Freak" & I consider that to be an honor to be known as a follower of Jesus Christ. If @ any time you would like to know my Lord, Just write & I 'd love to share His word w/ you. I welcome all comments to these writings. I pray that you all receive Him into your life, & you too can go and share His love w/ others, & also be known as a "JESUS Freak".