Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Dining Etiquette" for Denny's

 This is a true encounter I had while eating at a Denny's Restaurant.
 I had made plans to have a "Last Breakfast" on May 21st. 2011, ( The day that the world was to end. according to a "crazy dude".)
 Any how I invited a bunch of people from work, and decided that we should have this around 3am. that way the time would be in between the times in which the two night shift's get done.
 And wouldn't you know it, since I was off the day prior I feel asleep waiting for the time that I was to be there.
 I got there about 20mins. late, and when I went inside the waitress asked if I was alone? for now, I said there will be more coming soon.
 So she sat me in a booth and I faced myself where I was facing the door and I could also see out the window.
  I ordered a "sampler"- which had onion rings, cheese sticks, chicken strips. and also ordered some "pancake puppies", and a chocolate shake.
 I prayed over the food, and while sitting there waiting I was talking to God.
   when the waitress brought the food out she asked again if I would be eating alone?
 I assured her that there would be more coming, because we were calling this our "Last Breakfast" and when she asked why we were calling it that, then I went on to remind her that today is the "end of the world" and then I just smiled at her.
 Not seeing it then but looking back now there was terror in her eyes. I continued looking out the window just waiting to see if I knew anyone that was coming in.
 A few minutes later the Manager came over and again asked if I was eating alone and if everything was alright? I assured him that yes everything was fine and that my friends were just running late.
 I then asked the manager , by any chance did anyone come in before I got there looked around and then left without ordering ?
 He just motioned for the waitress to come over and while he was standing there he asked the waitress the question that I had just asked him moments earlier. she shook her head no, then moved quickly back to the kitchen. He then said that if there was anything that I needed just ask , because we don't want any trouble.
 Thinking he was joking, I said well then you should have thought about that before you sent me these dried up burnt pancake puppies, Then I smiled and continued looking out the window. I happened to look at the clock which was right above the kitchen. and I noticed that the waitress and the cook was looking right at me, as our eyes met they quickly looked away. I just blew it off as a weird thing. As I continued looking and waiting I noticed that a "Town Cop" pulled in the parking lot. Thinking to my self wow, Denny's must serve "Doughnuts" now , and I laughed to myself. I watched as the officer got out of his car he walked in with one hand on his gun. He must be wanting to impress the waitresses, (tough guy). as he walked in the manager met him at the door I watched them as they were speaking and then it happened, something that made me feel really uncomfortable. they both at the same time looked over at me. I just smiled then looked back out the window. out of the corner of my eye I could see someone walking up to the table.
 As I looked up to see who it was I noticed that it was the officer and as he started talking to me I looked around the room , where did everyone go, there were people a couple of tables away that were not there now. I never saw anyone leave.
 The officer asked me how everything was, and I just looked at him and asked what was going on? he never answered me, instead he asked another question, what was I doing there? I was getting pissed, so I asked him "What are you doing here"?
 He than said to me, Son I'm doing the asking, all you need to be doing is answering.
 I then said , OK I'm waiting for some friends and we are going to have breakfast together, is that a crime? I said.
 No, it is not, but you've been waiting for them quite a long time.
 I looked back at the clock and said, it has only been an hour. then He asked , just what did I mean that this would be my last meal, and how was I going to kill myself? was I planning on hurting the people in the restaurant?
 WHAT??!! just what the heck are you talking about? I never said that is my last meal, I said this was the "Last Breakfast", you know today is supposed to be the end of the world. and then I realized that I do look a little crazy looking, I mean I haven't shaved for almost a year, and my hair is getting long, and since I haven't had much sleep my eyes must be red. I guess I do look like trouble.
 he then called on his radio and asked for assistance, He asked if I would walk outside with him?
 I told him NO! that I was waiting on my friends to show up, Thinking to myself, just where the heck are they.
  He then asked me to stand up from the booth, I still held my ground and said no, then I took a bite of a chicken strip and looked back out the window. he then reached across the table knocking the chicken out of my hand and grabbing my arm which he then started twisting it until I slid across the bench to where I could get out of the booth. I tried to free my arm when he grabbed my other arm and very quickly put hand cuffs on me, he then slammed my head down on the table.
 and I heard a faint voice, excuse me sir are you alright?
 as I looked up from the table, I saw the waitress looking concerned.
 WOW! I said I must have falling asleep? she said you looked like you were trying to fight it but then you just fell right on the table. are you OK?
 Yes, thank you, I'll just take whats left home in a box.
 I asked her if anyone showed up? she just smiled and said no.
 Well if anyone did show up and didn't see me I was the one slumped over in the booth, and if no-one showed up then, that's OK too. Because I had a nice meal and conversation with God.(Hint: Don't fall asleep while talking with God, because He will wake you up.)