Wednesday, March 19, 2014

***WARNING*** Someone is Watching You...

You are being watched...
 Everyday someone is looking at you to see how you will handle any given situation that comes your way.
Think before you act...
Your kids are watching, your husband/wife is watching, your best friend and the people at work are all watching you even without you knowing, they are all wondering just how you are going to react.
We all want to be the perfect person in everyone's eyes, but we know that we are not.
Jesus is said to be perfect in everyway without blemish. And even though He has scars it doesn't mean that he is not perfect. His scars are the perfect sign of his love for us. He didn't have to suffer the painful torcher and death that he did. He did it because he loves us. Even though His Father told him that he had to die. It was still Jesus's choice to die. Yes he knew that he would rise again from death. This doesn't mean that he took the easy way, He felt the pain, he cried out to his father, not for help but rather for him to forgive his accusers.
Jesus's death and resurrection is a sign for everyone that there is HOPE in our crazy lives.
Not saying that your life will be perfect after you come to know him in a personal way, But rather you will have him by your side the rest of your life in your daily walk. Tough times will still come and you will still feel the pain that "life" brings and you will even experience death through others and eventually yourself. But knowing Jesus he will bring comfort to and others around you.
As a followers of Jesus we all look to him for guidance, knowledge and wisdom on how to live our lives.
Now with all that said, what about all the people that don't know Jesus, they might have heard about him and they might even know people that say that they know/follow Jesus. What if the people that they have seen in the past say they are "Christians" but they live their lives like everyone else.
So if that were the case, then why would anyone want to become a Christian?
People are watching us to see if we are going to cuss, spread rumors, go out and act worldly etc...
 When someone looks at you, do they see the light of Jesus?
You say that you know him and that you have his love in you, are you sharing His love?
If you say that you are sharing the light, then are the windows of your life covered by curtains of shame, are the blinds only part way open, does your windows frosted or are they "Stained Glass" from either your past or current sins?
Jesus Loves us all no matter what we have done or what we are doing, He asks that we share his love with the world.
Be the person that people see Jesus in.
If you say that you are a Christian, than act like one, yes you will be different, yes you will stand out, yes some people will feel threatened and yes there will be some that don't like you.
We can't please everyone, and if someone doesn't like the "new you" because Jesus lives in you, please don't feel that you need to change for them if they are a "true" friend then they will accept who you are.
Share the love with actions and everyday life, don't force feed them because it will cause them to choke and push away from you.
There is light in the darkness, but the only way there can be darkness in the light is from a shadow, don't be the one that blocks the light of Jesus to people around you, open your heart and let His light shine.
Proverbs 11:9 KJV
King James Version
An hypocrite with his mouth destroyeth his neighbour: but through knowledge shall the just be delivered .

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Two Churches

Just a thought at first, then I "cartooned it".

Many churches that I have been to and even belonged to are like the first picture. Looking back I can see just how narrow minded I was and how they still are. I'm just having fun, but it's also scary because some believe this to be the truth, not because they found it in the Bible, but because it's "Tradition" that's the way they have been taught.
 The second picture is the church that I belong to now, this church shows people the love of God not the condemnation of the church members.
 Which kind of church do you belong to? Maybe you should rethink your answer, because if you go or belong to a church like the first picture you need to ask yourself, when did Jesus wear a suit and tie? Did Jesus turn anyone away because they didn't have the "proper" clothes on? What if they came to Him dirty/dusty? What if they were unshaven and long uncombed hair? Would Jesus say to them, "come back to me when you are dressed better"?

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Three Things

     There are three things that you should know
                      before walking on the,
              "Infamous Frozen Pond" of life.

  - How thick is the ice?
  - How deep is the water?
  - Who can you trust, that will be there for you when you
      cry out for help?

  I would like to think that I would be there for anyone
  that needs help, but since I can't everywhere all the time
  I know that I would let someone down somewhere.

  But I know someone that when he hears my call he is
  already there. He is there to protect me, guide me, and
  comfort me whenever I call his name.

  He wants to be there for you also, but you first have to ask
  Him into your heart. You have to believe that he arose
  from the grave. You have to put all your faith in him, and
  believe that He will take care of you.

  It's not hard to do, once you experience His love you will
  see just how easy it was all along, then you wonder what
  your life would have been if He had been there sooner.

  Although you might be falling through the "thin ice" of
  life, because all of your burdens are making you too heavy.
  Remember he walked on the water, he want to carry your
  burdens for you, and if you will let him, he will even carry

  Call on JESUS anytime, anywhere and he will be there.


Thursday, September 27, 2012

Who are you

 You are at where you are because of who you are.
Once you are compromised because someone want you to be what they want you to be, and you let them change you.
Even through you hold the same position, you loose the respect you earned as yourself.
Stand strong my LOVE, I'll be by your side, as we support each other through these rough times.
A cord of three strands.
Even if one or both of our strands were to fray or even break,  God won't fray or break. He is our strength.
He is who we need to rely on to keep us moving forward, He can mend our brokenness.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Life is full of "Temptations",
 I found this cartoon and the caption read "sh*t happens" well yes sometimes we do fall for things that look "too good to be true" but we still take the risk knowing that it probably isn't true. Knowing that we will probably get hurt, but we still do it anyway.
 But what if the thing that we do, really hurt us in a way that we can't reverse it?
If we knew the out come would we still take the chance? I think most people would still take the chance and try and beat fate.
 I took this same cartoon and erased the old caption and replaced it with one that I thought would be most fitting for "Temptation".

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Muddy Waters

On  our journey through life , we sometimes get off the "beaten path" that God directs us to follow. We often forget that even though we are being rebellious, our Lord still loves us. He may not be happy with our decisions, that we have made, But He still loves us. And sometimes He will allow bad things to happen because of our disobedience, But he still loves you.
 In the mist of the "storms" in life He will stand beside you, If you are involved in a "flood" in your life he will provide the boat. And even if the waters get really rough, He will either calm the storm or He will ride it out with you. Remember He still loves you.
 We ask to be beside "still waters", that doesn't always mean that they will be crystal clear. And it does get scary not knowing what we are wading through and what dangers are waiting beneath. Guess what? He still loves you.
 He will be there guiding the way, all we have to do is just take hold of His hand, and have faith in Him. And if our hand slips and we fear that we will loose our grip. He's there to reassure us that he has a firm grip. If we sometimes slip or fall from what we might be walking on in the "muddy waters", we just have to call on His name and He will carry us, Because He loves you.
 When we were kids we liked playing in the mud, and even as we got older we still are drawn back to the "Muddy" things in life. Things that at the time that we are doing them seem to be fun, but after we have played all day in the filth, we have to clean up.  If we leave the dirt and grime on us for too long it will lead to other problems. And when the "world" see this they will separate themselves from you. Remerber He still loves you.
   If we played way too long in the filth in life sometimes the "dirt" won't come off no matter how hard we try.
  This is when we could call on the "Cleaner", God will hose you down with His "living water". Clean us up, give us "bread" to eat, clothes us in His majesty. Because of His love for us.
 And when the time comes again, when we think that we know better than Him what is best for our life. And we let go of His hand to journey down our own path, not listening to His warnings of the dangers of what lie ahead of us, We just leave Him behind.
 And when trouble does come we may look around and not see Him, this doesn't mean that He isn't there. We may have to endure the consequences of our actions. He is just watching from a far waiting for our call.
 Muddy waters might be in our lives temporally right now, But His is with you always, because He will always Love you, no matter what.

Sunday, October 30, 2011


 Today I awoke feeling good, Knowing that my wife loves me for who I am and not for what I have,
  I love her. 
 Today I awoke feeling good knowing that My Lord loves me for who I am and not what I have done,
  I love Him.
 Today I awoke feeling good knowing that my family loves me for who I am and not because they have too,
  I love them all.
 Today I awoke feeling good knowing that I have friends that care for me, because I care about them.
 And yet today when I awoke,not knowing what would happen to me today, I let "things" consume me,
   Things that I know is not of God, But yet I still believed in the "lie's".
     All the aches and pains that my mind are telling me are there, which they are but they Will not ruin my life.
    Then why do I believe them when they come around.
 Today when I awoke I was planning on going to church, I even invited a friend too come.
   Not really knowing if he'd show up.
   But knowing that I need to be there anyway. But instead I stayed home thinking that my back was really hurting.
 Today I awoke knowing that people all around me are hurting because they don't know "JESUS",
   but yet I ignore their cries.
 Today when I awoke, I considered only myself, and no one else.
 Today I feel like a loser, I've let everyone down even if they don't know it .
 Today I let myself down, and I'm feeling it.
 Today I let my wife down, even though she won't show it, I'll know it in my heart.
 Today I let my Lord down, He say's that He will love me no matter what,  All I can do is ask for His forgiveness and try not to let things get in the way again.
 Today, all I can do is ask forgiveness from everyone, for letting them down, and also ask them to help me by being accountable.
 Today things are starting to look a little brighter, but the clouds still remain.
 Tomorrow, I pray will be the "better" day.