Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Two Churches

Just a thought at first, then I "cartooned it".

Many churches that I have been to and even belonged to are like the first picture. Looking back I can see just how narrow minded I was and how they still are. I'm just having fun, but it's also scary because some believe this to be the truth, not because they found it in the Bible, but because it's "Tradition" that's the way they have been taught.
 The second picture is the church that I belong to now, this church shows people the love of God not the condemnation of the church members.
 Which kind of church do you belong to? Maybe you should rethink your answer, because if you go or belong to a church like the first picture you need to ask yourself, when did Jesus wear a suit and tie? Did Jesus turn anyone away because they didn't have the "proper" clothes on? What if they came to Him dirty/dusty? What if they were unshaven and long uncombed hair? Would Jesus say to them, "come back to me when you are dressed better"?

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