Sunday, October 30, 2011


 Today I awoke feeling good, Knowing that my wife loves me for who I am and not for what I have,
  I love her. 
 Today I awoke feeling good knowing that My Lord loves me for who I am and not what I have done,
  I love Him.
 Today I awoke feeling good knowing that my family loves me for who I am and not because they have too,
  I love them all.
 Today I awoke feeling good knowing that I have friends that care for me, because I care about them.
 And yet today when I awoke,not knowing what would happen to me today, I let "things" consume me,
   Things that I know is not of God, But yet I still believed in the "lie's".
     All the aches and pains that my mind are telling me are there, which they are but they Will not ruin my life.
    Then why do I believe them when they come around.
 Today when I awoke I was planning on going to church, I even invited a friend too come.
   Not really knowing if he'd show up.
   But knowing that I need to be there anyway. But instead I stayed home thinking that my back was really hurting.
 Today I awoke knowing that people all around me are hurting because they don't know "JESUS",
   but yet I ignore their cries.
 Today when I awoke, I considered only myself, and no one else.
 Today I feel like a loser, I've let everyone down even if they don't know it .
 Today I let myself down, and I'm feeling it.
 Today I let my wife down, even though she won't show it, I'll know it in my heart.
 Today I let my Lord down, He say's that He will love me no matter what,  All I can do is ask for His forgiveness and try not to let things get in the way again.
 Today, all I can do is ask forgiveness from everyone, for letting them down, and also ask them to help me by being accountable.
 Today things are starting to look a little brighter, but the clouds still remain.
 Tomorrow, I pray will be the "better" day.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tough Day?

Look in to the face of the devil, and tell him that he will not get the best of you today,
  Because the Lord JESUS is the best of you.
Smile to the world, who is trying to get you down,
  Lift them up to Jesus in prayer.
Demons are all around the outside of us,
  But Jesus is in our hearts and his Love fills us to where it over flows our bodies.
The world is dark even in the brightest days,
  The Lord is Light even in the darkest night.

Monday, October 10, 2011

P. P. L.

 Trusting in the Lord is more than what most believe or even want to believe. we could walk around all the time looking up and praising Him, But that doesn't mean that we won't trip over things that come in our way. The Lord wants us to pray and to praise Him, But He also wants us to live a life that is our own.
( Pray , Praise , Live ) But don't give up, just continue these three things.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wedding Anniversary

Isn't it funny how we can remember some things and our mind goes blank the moment we start something new.
 Ten years ago on this very date, I have no idea of what I was thinking, nor do I remember where I was or even what I would have even been doing.
I guess it wasn't that great a moment in my life for me to even think about trying to remember.
 But on the other hand , one year ago today something happened that I will never forget.
 Deb and I said our vowels and we celebrated our coming together as "one" with our families and friends.
 And now it's been one year, one year? Boy this time as gone by fast.
 Sure there has been some moments that we had some hard times with things and even with each other, But when we said that " We will love each other in sickness and in health, richer and poorer until death do us part". it was more that just some words that we said, it was and is a Promise that we made to one another and most importantly to God.
 Today we celebrate the "Promise" and look forward to all the times ahead.
 Without trying to think of regrets, we just remember the reflection of the times that God gave us, for we as a couple can go to Him and ask for help. And when going through those  tough times we grow closer together and stronger in our relationship with God and each other.
 Today won't you celebrate with us the "Blessing" that God gave us. And remember to celebrate the Blessings that he gives all of us everyday,  in spouses, family , friends and even the strangers that we pass by everyday.
 You my be the blessing that someone else needs today.
 Celebrate everyday just for the breath that He gives us.
 How do you celebrate His gift of breath?
  Do you curse His name?
  Do you lift up His name and praise it?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Un-Wanted Relatives

Have you ever had a Relative or know someone who just isn't welcome where ever they go because they are always causing trouble. They always want to be the center of attention. And if they are not then they will pout and cry and even start throwing things. They don't care that they might break something in fact they break as much as possible just so they will be remembered. And your not careful they will take things that aren't theirs, and you might never get it back.
 We heard that someone was heading our way that is like this, so in preparation , we went out and bought a lot of extra food just in case they decided to stay a while. We also had to put boards on the windows just in case they decide to start throwing things. And to make sure that they don't take anything that doesn't belong to them we tied everything down.
 I know, I know you're saying "just tell them not to come". Well I wish it was that easy, they don't like being told what to do, and they choose not to listen.
  The only thing we can do is Thank the Lord for His protection and welcome Aunt Irene to our lovely home, and pray that she doesn't hang around long and that she doesn't cause a lot of damage.
 Hurricane Irene, we are ready for you. You might feel strong, but just remember the One who made you, is my heavenly Father. And he said that He will never leave me. Aunt Irene you might play hard, But I will win this game of yours. After all you are coming to battle on my turf. And this home is dedicated to my Father, and His presents is all around us. I will be a winner either way. If you decide to take my life, I will be praising my Lord the very moment you take it. And when we survive your fury, we will be praising God.
 I will not give you any praise. Your hours are numbered and you will be soon forgotten.
 But my Lord will be here forever.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Farm Life w/ my Love

- When words are said with a loving meaning to each other, while at the same time everyone else thinks we are crazy-
 Deb and I will always be "Bull Headed" with each other and say "Chicken Foot" forever.
 Ahh "Farm Life".

Jesus Fish

What "symbols" do you wear that tells the world, just what type of person that you (might) be?
      The Lord tell all of us to be "Fishers" of men, to go out and tell the world of His Love.
 Now I ask you , just how much fish would come around us if we were making a lot of noise
 and commotion? Not many.
  Now if you were to ask a fisherman , what would you have to learn to have a successful catch,
 they would say to come into their area or into an area that they are traveling in a calm, quiet but yet
 firm kinda way. let them know that you are not there to harm them,
your just part of the same "world" that they are a part of.
 Next , you need a plan of action. You can't just yell into the water and expect for them to come to you.
 What do you have that will attract them to you? answer: the light of Jesus.
 If people see Jesus in you and experience the Love first hand from you,
then they are more likely  to come to the attraction and be intrigued.
 This will be the time when you can tell them of the Lords love for them.
I wear this "symbol" everyday  to remind me of my job as a "Fisher of Men".

Saturday, July 30, 2011

True Confession

I'm falling for a married woman,
  Everyday that I see her I fall a little more.
  Her beauty is unchanging,
  Her voice has a comforting tone,
  Her touch is sheer pleasure,
  Yes, I'm in Love with a married woman,
  And the married woman is my wife.

  I Love You Deb.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Text to Deb, when things looked impossible:

Doesn't matter how heavy things get, the Lord tells us to give Him our burdens, and He gives us His spirit,(which is lighter than air). Keep moving forward, for the goal is in sight.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

What goes through the Minds of the Little Ones

 The little ones must think that life is fun, because they mostly play and sleep. When they do wrong or if they play too rough they get a stern talking too.But other wise, life is good. They couldn't survive without the help and guidance of the big ones. They love the big ones, and the big ones love them.
 The little ones can't figure out why the big ones can do the most amazing things and why they cannot. But they don't dwell on it because there is more time to play.
 The little ones day consists of waking up, eating, playing, sleeping, playing, sleeping etc...
The little ones love depending on the big ones, and the big ones love loving the little ones.
 In the little ones eyes they see the big ones do the most amazing things by walking through the barriers that confines the little ones from exploring new places, but the big ones know that if it wasn't for these barriers that the little ones could be hurt or even lost.
 The little ones can't walk through these barriers but they can see through some of them. The don't understand why that even though they can see outside of these barriers that whoever is out there might not see the little ones. And when the little ones try calling to them that they can't hear them. So why is it that when the big ones open a barrier and they walk through there might be another barrier that the little ones can see through and if they try calling out to others then they can hear them. And then the big ones come and try to quite the little ones.
 Why is it that sometimes when the big ones walk through the barriers by themselves or with other big ones they sometimes don't come back for a really long time?
 Today, the little ones walked out of the barriers with the big ones, they were wanting to run and play, but the big ones had them stay close. The little ones watched as one of the big ones got into a box and the box then closed all around the big one. But just in a matter of a minute or less the big one that was outside of the box was able to stick his head through the box and then the little ones could see and hear the other big one. And even though the little ones couldn't touch the big one in the box they were content with just hearing her voice.
 The big one leaned back into the box again and the little ones heard a phrase that they hear all the time "I Love You".
 Then the big one pulled his head back out of the box, and the box started to move away from the little ones. The little ones started to cry, they all just stood there watching as the box disappeared. The little ones tried to find the box but the other big one held them close and told them that she would be home soon. Then the little ones played for a short time in the hot air before the big one brought them back into the cool barriers that keep them safe from harm. Now it's nap time again. Then they will play, eat, and sleep. Then when it's time for the big ones to return the little ones greet them as if they haven't seen them for years, they hug and kiss the big ones and show them that even though the little ones were busy all during the day, they were just passing the time until they get to see the big ones again.

Big Ones - Buzz and Deb,
 Little Ones - Sarah, Sadie and Troubles.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Kiss- "Destroyer" Album 1976 - Beth

For those of you that know this song, go ahead and read it to the tune.


Beth, I hear you callin'
But I can't come home right now
Me and the boys are playin'
And we just can't find the sound

Just a few more hours
And I'll be right home to you
I think I hear them callin'
Oh, Beth what can I do
Beth what can I do

You say you feel so empty
That our house just ain't a home
And I'm always somewhere else
And you're always there alone

Just a few more hours
And I'll be right home to you
I think I hear them callin'
Oh, Beth what can I do
Beth what can I do

Beth, I know you're lonely
And I hope you'll be alright
'Cause me and the boys will be playin'
All night

 This is one song in my own opinion that stands out from what this band normally sings. Not really, the music is slower and the words seem easy to listen to. but if they put a lot of thrashing guitars and fast thumping drums and yelled the lyrics, it would sound just like the other "head banging music".
This a Love ballot? The name of the Album is "Destroyer".
 I grew up on "Heavy Metal" and I really like this song as well as other "Ballots" from other Metal Bands.
 I'm just looking at them from a different view now.
 Again this is just my opinion, you take it your own way.
  The song starts out with two people that are in love, but not necessary with each other.
 She seems to want him to spend more time with her, and he act's like he wants too, but when it all comes down to what is important to him, he lets others decide for him. so is he weak? or does he just say what she wants to hear?
and in the end, it doesn't matter what he tells her with words, because his actions tells the truth.
 I would never put anything or person above my love. I made a promise to her when we got married, that she is the "first" in my life,but second only to the LORD. which means my Lord comes first and she is above anything and everything else. When she calls me, I'm there. The "boys" won't pull me away.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Dining Etiquette" for Denny's

 This is a true encounter I had while eating at a Denny's Restaurant.
 I had made plans to have a "Last Breakfast" on May 21st. 2011, ( The day that the world was to end. according to a "crazy dude".)
 Any how I invited a bunch of people from work, and decided that we should have this around 3am. that way the time would be in between the times in which the two night shift's get done.
 And wouldn't you know it, since I was off the day prior I feel asleep waiting for the time that I was to be there.
 I got there about 20mins. late, and when I went inside the waitress asked if I was alone? for now, I said there will be more coming soon.
 So she sat me in a booth and I faced myself where I was facing the door and I could also see out the window.
  I ordered a "sampler"- which had onion rings, cheese sticks, chicken strips. and also ordered some "pancake puppies", and a chocolate shake.
 I prayed over the food, and while sitting there waiting I was talking to God.
   when the waitress brought the food out she asked again if I would be eating alone?
 I assured her that there would be more coming, because we were calling this our "Last Breakfast" and when she asked why we were calling it that, then I went on to remind her that today is the "end of the world" and then I just smiled at her.
 Not seeing it then but looking back now there was terror in her eyes. I continued looking out the window just waiting to see if I knew anyone that was coming in.
 A few minutes later the Manager came over and again asked if I was eating alone and if everything was alright? I assured him that yes everything was fine and that my friends were just running late.
 I then asked the manager , by any chance did anyone come in before I got there looked around and then left without ordering ?
 He just motioned for the waitress to come over and while he was standing there he asked the waitress the question that I had just asked him moments earlier. she shook her head no, then moved quickly back to the kitchen. He then said that if there was anything that I needed just ask , because we don't want any trouble.
 Thinking he was joking, I said well then you should have thought about that before you sent me these dried up burnt pancake puppies, Then I smiled and continued looking out the window. I happened to look at the clock which was right above the kitchen. and I noticed that the waitress and the cook was looking right at me, as our eyes met they quickly looked away. I just blew it off as a weird thing. As I continued looking and waiting I noticed that a "Town Cop" pulled in the parking lot. Thinking to my self wow, Denny's must serve "Doughnuts" now , and I laughed to myself. I watched as the officer got out of his car he walked in with one hand on his gun. He must be wanting to impress the waitresses, (tough guy). as he walked in the manager met him at the door I watched them as they were speaking and then it happened, something that made me feel really uncomfortable. they both at the same time looked over at me. I just smiled then looked back out the window. out of the corner of my eye I could see someone walking up to the table.
 As I looked up to see who it was I noticed that it was the officer and as he started talking to me I looked around the room , where did everyone go, there were people a couple of tables away that were not there now. I never saw anyone leave.
 The officer asked me how everything was, and I just looked at him and asked what was going on? he never answered me, instead he asked another question, what was I doing there? I was getting pissed, so I asked him "What are you doing here"?
 He than said to me, Son I'm doing the asking, all you need to be doing is answering.
 I then said , OK I'm waiting for some friends and we are going to have breakfast together, is that a crime? I said.
 No, it is not, but you've been waiting for them quite a long time.
 I looked back at the clock and said, it has only been an hour. then He asked , just what did I mean that this would be my last meal, and how was I going to kill myself? was I planning on hurting the people in the restaurant?
 WHAT??!! just what the heck are you talking about? I never said that is my last meal, I said this was the "Last Breakfast", you know today is supposed to be the end of the world. and then I realized that I do look a little crazy looking, I mean I haven't shaved for almost a year, and my hair is getting long, and since I haven't had much sleep my eyes must be red. I guess I do look like trouble.
 he then called on his radio and asked for assistance, He asked if I would walk outside with him?
 I told him NO! that I was waiting on my friends to show up, Thinking to myself, just where the heck are they.
  He then asked me to stand up from the booth, I still held my ground and said no, then I took a bite of a chicken strip and looked back out the window. he then reached across the table knocking the chicken out of my hand and grabbing my arm which he then started twisting it until I slid across the bench to where I could get out of the booth. I tried to free my arm when he grabbed my other arm and very quickly put hand cuffs on me, he then slammed my head down on the table.
 and I heard a faint voice, excuse me sir are you alright?
 as I looked up from the table, I saw the waitress looking concerned.
 WOW! I said I must have falling asleep? she said you looked like you were trying to fight it but then you just fell right on the table. are you OK?
 Yes, thank you, I'll just take whats left home in a box.
 I asked her if anyone showed up? she just smiled and said no.
 Well if anyone did show up and didn't see me I was the one slumped over in the booth, and if no-one showed up then, that's OK too. Because I had a nice meal and conversation with God.(Hint: Don't fall asleep while talking with God, because He will wake you up.)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

No Thank You, My Plate is too full now.

Why is it that sometimes our plates seem to be over flowing with things to be done?
 Some times things are so good looking and very desiring. Other times we think that we need to do these things just to get by.
 And some times it's a little of both, but what if it's someone else that is filling our plate? Some one who doesn't see or really seem to care that we are overwhelmed with too many tasks.No matter how you try to tell them, "HEY MY PLATE  IS FULL!!!  QUIT PUTTING MORE ON IT!!!"
Even through we need  things on our plates to survive, We need to have a plan of just what is going on our plates.
 We need a "Healthy Diet" and quit having people put their junk and other peoples responsibilities  on ours.
 Just because in the past we helped out in a "Pinch" doesn't mean that we can do it forever.
 There are people "dying" to have something to put on their plates while ours keep piling up.
It's good to indulge in "LIFE", but we shouldn't over indulge if there is a "health risk" (being over worked, stressed out).
 A Doctor could prescribe us a pill and / or exercise. But our plates will remain filling up because others aren't seeing how they are treating you.
 You can tell them time and time again but they see you as weak or lazy.
 That's when we need to sit them down and say, "you are asking too much, and I know that in the past I could do all this and more, I gave you an inch then, but now you are taking more than a mile of my time. I'm finding it hard to do my job and what  you ask here and there, but you keep adding more everyday, and you keep changing your mind on how things need to be done".
 Then we need to tell the other's that keep putting things on our plates to back off. I will do what I'm asked as long as it pertains to what I was originally hired for.I know this job changes daily, but the main focus stays the same, and I'm having a hard time doing my main task when everything else you give me is (has to be put on the top of the "things to do list").
I love my job, and I'm proud to be a part of this organization, But my health and well being comes first, I can't give you 100% of my time, I have a family.
 And don't even play the "God Card", God knows what I can handle, and when my work takes me away from church and away from the time that I worship and praise the lord. Then I know that this (all the extra on my plate) is NOT of Him.
 I'm gonna try something new, instead of having my best "China" out, I'm gonna start using "Paper Plates". Meaning that when my plate seems to be getting to full I WILL stop the portions coming on it, because I don't want it to fold up and land in my lap. And when the day is done, I will just throw the "plate" away and start a new one the next day, I will not be taking my job home!!
 And if they still can't understand this short conception of how my life (at work) is falling apart, then I will find a more "healthier diet" some place else.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Don't be "April Fooled"

Don't let this old world "FOOL" you, with all it's sayings and traditions.
There is only one Savior of this world.
"April Fools Day" is once a year, even though people are fooled 
         everyday by believing "Man" and what he says.
Believing and Trusting in JESUS will lead to a Life time of "TRUTH". 
Friday at 10:59am April 1st. 2011

Friday, March 11, 2011

"Don't Box Me In"

 Have you ever been outside when one of those low flying  army airplanes went right over you.
 Ever wonder just how something that big and heavy is staying up there because it doesn't seem to be moving very fast. Then there are those Heavy steel ships that stay a float when you think that they should be sinking right to the bottom. Even though these are man made, where did "Man" get they idea's to put something like this together?
 Have you ever looked at a spider, I mean really looked at it. How does it know what to do? Does it's mother and father hold it up while it learns to walk? Is there a "spinning web school"?
 How about a worm, have you ever watched a worm move when it's in fresh dirt? How do they move  under the dirt, like fish under water? I don't know.
 When was the last time that you just watched a bird flying. Do they have a hand book with pictures in it so the baby birds will know what to do when they leave the nest?
 Have you seen the birth of puppies? Is there a special "Dog Training Class- 101" that teaches new mothers(dogs)  how to have pups and what to do with them when they need to be cleaned up right after they are born?
 How does "Nature" know what to do? Is it all by chance that everything just knows how to survive?
 Have you ever had to put one of your pets down? Were you holding them when they took there last breath?
 Has there been a time when you witnessed death of a friend or family?
  How did you deal with it?
 What makes a human body work?  and what causes it to stop?
 Everything has a "Heart" that pumps some kind of blood through it to keep it alive. How does the heart know how to pump?

 These are just some questions that you should ask yourself, before you discredit God, and say that He doesn't exist.
 An ostrich will hide it's head, all the while thinking that if it can't see "danger" then danger won't see it.
  even if you choose to ignore God's existence, that doesn't mean that He's not real.
   Look around you, Look in the mirror, look closer in the mirror. How is it that you see yourself?
   What is keeping you alive? Air ? Water? Food? these are all gifts from God that he has created.
  How can you say that He doesn't exist?
  Here's a "Project" for you, Make a box out of anything that you want to, anything at all.
 Doesn't matter the size, but make it with your own hands.
  Now when you get it done, Hold it up over your head and scream " I MADE THIS BOX, WITH MY OWN TWO HANDS, AND IT'S MY BOX!!!!.
 Now place your box on the ground.  OK, Now comes the tricky part. Now you have to find something that is stronger then what you made you box from. And you have to make sure that what you found is much bigger in size then what you box is.
 OK, he comes the fun part, Now with the new found item, you know the stronger and bigger thing then your box.
 Take that new item and cram it in your box, push really hard , cause it all has to fit.
  What do you think is going to happen?, You guessed it. your box is going to break.
 Just like in real life, You Can't just put God in a box, He is bigger then this world, and Nothing, I mean NOTHING is stronger then He is. He will break your box wide open. You can't hide from him, and you can't hide Him away. No matter what the world tells you, your NOT a square if you believe in God.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Son" Glasses

  Have you ever been out on a sunny day, when the sun was so bright that you had to cover your eyes?
  Have you ever been out when snow covered everything, and it was so bright that it was hard to see?
  The "sun" is a very important part of this world, if it weren't for the "sun" none of us would be here.
   Here is just a couple of reasons why we need the sun. 1) It gives us light. 2) It gives us warmth. etc...
  This world would not exist without the sun.

   God so loved the world that he gave His only begotten Son....
    God gave us His Son, God loved all of us so much that when we (world) was "going to hell in a hand basket", He gave us a savior that would rescue us from the everlasting torment in hell. all we have to do is ask for Jesus to come into our lives and be the ruler of it. and when we do wrong we ask for forgiveness and try and do better. Once God is the leader of you life He promised that He'd never leave you, and that when we die we will be with Him forever.  Sound's simple doesn't it, So why isn't the whole world on board of the "Glory Ship" heading towards Heaven?    Because Darkness is all around us, even in the brightest days there are people that just can't find their way through the darkness of evil around them.  Most of these people are looking for something better, they just don't know where and how to look.
 God has a plan for all of His children, have you asked him what he has in mind for you? Has He told you but you think that it is too difficult and want Him to give you something easier? He said that He wouldn't give us anything that we couldn't handle, and since He can do all things, and He said that he would always be with us, then why do we think that we can't, when we should be Knowing that with the Lords help we can do it all.
 We can be the miracle that God is sending to someone, we could be the special blessing that someone needs today, not tomorrow, not next week, and not "if I don't do this then maybe someone else will". this person might not have a second chance, and maybe you are the only "second chance" that they have.
 Maybe God put you here just for this one purpose, and you say "oh, it's too hard" or "what will people think". When God rescued you, who was it that opened your eyes? what if they said no to God?
  He might ask us to go to another country or just go in town, He might just say, go and talk with your neighbor, or say, call your Mom today. No matter what He say's it is for a good reason. We might not ever know if we even touched anyone in our life time, but don't be discouraged. Once the Lord comes truly into our life, people will notice the change. And they will be watching us. And that's when we need to keep trusting in the Lord and obeying in Him. pray that He will not only guide us , but that we will follow.
  There are times when we "so call " cover ourselves with the sins of the world that it is hard for anyone to see Gods love shining through us, we appear to be just a glow in a dark evil world. People see us but they don't want to draw attention to themselves by coming to the "glow". People, all people even Gods people have sins in their lives that they don't want others to see. so coming to a "glow" in the darkness would just reveal it to others and they couldn't hide.
 We as Christians need to ask the Lord to remove this shroud of evil that surrounds us so that the world can see His love.
  Then there are the Christians that are so uppity that people don't want to be around them, because they feel that they are not good enough.
  God sent His Son for "ALL" the world.
 Some times we might seem a little crazy to some but I think that being a little "cracked" will just help Gods love shine through us better.
 God says that no man can look upon His face and live. For only when you die that you will be in His presents. God lives in us, we are the "filters" for the world, God is in us, and His love shines through us.
 Since the world can't look into Gods eye's. He provided you and I to be the world's "SON GLASSES".
  This way when the Lord want's for the world to see and come to Him, then we are the ones that the world is looking at. we are the "lanterns" that the Lord uses. He fills us with His love as "fuel" and He is the Eternal Flame that shines in us. Darkness will flee when light comes in a room. Don't be an obstacle in Gods way because you will be in someone's way of seeing His light and you will just cause a "shadow" for evil to hide behind.
    Are you God's "Son Glasses"?    or are you evils "blindfold"?